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Warchief Replaced Instantly

    Posted on 07 July 18 at 01:00Permalink
    Every time I try and place spies to a warchief and kill/dominate them, I never get the chance to place one of my captains into the "vaccant" warchief slot (I use " " because when I kill/dominate a warchief, another unknown captain takes their place). I mean I've killed a warchief and in the slow motion death scene; gone to the menu and told one of my captain to do a pit fight to take their spot. Then, before I can even get over to the pit arena (sometimes even seconds after I kill the warchief) another takes it's spot and the captain that I sent just winds up doing another spy pit fight to a warchief that doesn't exist.

    Does anyone know a good way around this? Cause the fun of the first game was being able to have literally everyone be under your control. A big part of the game was about turning the enemies into your followers and having takeover the ranks. But it doesn't seem like you can do that in this to nearly that extent. Did something change it a past update?

    Note: I just started this game a week ago because it was that far down in my backlog.
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