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Solution to achievement 'Following orders'

  • Posted on 09 July 18 at 08:03, Edited on 16 July 18 at 09:32 by Lassiedelikker
    I was playing with a friend and he has the achievement. so we compared the lists and I was missing one in mission 4. My missions said 3/3 because I ( just like mission 7 ) did not trigger the 4th one. That one is called: Rapid Response. This will be triggerd if you destroy the Gun on the one of the docks.
    I did in my 1st playtrough all of the searchlights and after that the guns. that didn't trigger the optinal ( wich is destroy 2 armored tanks ) SO if your following this video: ( I do not own any of this footage) you must be good.
    once you've destoyed that gun your player will say: ''perfect - although the noise is liable to bring me some unwanted attention''
    I you see or hear this line the tanks will come.
    I hope this helps this was the one for me
    And a shout out to Twona for helping!

    I have done all of the optional objectives and no achievement. I wanted to get a list of all optionals but can't find it really.... so I made one myself or atleast what i'm seeing!:

    List of all optionals in sniper elite 4:

    Mission 1: 2/2
    1: Choking the Checkpoint
    2:That's a Wrap

    Mission 2: 3/3
    1: A late message
    2: Signal advantage
    3: the towering Assassin

    Mission 3: 5/5
    1: Hidden in plane sight
    2: Depot Destruction
    3: the big bang theory
    4: Checkpoint Checkmate
    5: Destroy the Armored Car

    Mission 4: 3/3
    1: Shots in the dark
    3:Hello to Arms

    MIssion 5: 3/3
    1: Annihilate the artillery
    2: Art appropriation
    3: the Abbot's story

    Mission 6: 3/3
    1: Crack the code-breakers
    2: Enigma Variations
    3: Naval Gazing

    Mission 7: 2/2
    1: the nazi propagenda machine
    2: weakening defenses
    I dont know if the boat is displayed in the menu but I had completed that one to.

    mission 8: 2/2
    1: Intercept Course
    2: Mischief-Maker

    This is the list that is showed in the mission select menu.
    Maybe some-one who has the achievement can compare this list and maybe there is one i'm missing!
    hope this helps.
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