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Money trick

Master Pantz
Master Pantz
Posted on 12 July 18 at 19:06
A way to make free money while the game is paused.

Place 2 warehouses, one above the other, and then connect the 4 tracks together. Then bulldoze the 2 warehouses. The 4 tracks that came with the warehouses will remain if you have connected them and you can bulldoze them for profit (not counting the roads you connected them with).

Place the warehouses on small hills to increase the value of the roads when you sell them. Just be sure that the connection area between the two is level enough for the connection.

The roads sell anywhere from $10,000 x4 - $40,000 x4 depending on the terrain they were built on.

You can set out multiple warehouses at once to speed up the process but connecting more than 2 in a row won't increase the profit and will only waste time with the extra connecting.

You can do this at the start of the game to buyout the AI right away if you like, or just give you a little boost to your initial funds.
Posted on 30 December 18 at 17:31
This was fixed in the latest update (1.7) and it is not mentioned in any of the patch notes. So if you want to use this trick you have to stop the game from updating.
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