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TA Podcast: What the Box, Wheelspin Frenzy, Slime-san and Win a Game

  • DaveKineticDaveKinetic627,634
  • DariusDaSnepDariusDaSnep502,729
    Posted on 13 July 18 at 16:48
    yay overlord is backward compatable i might just have to get it now and try to play and finish it once i fix my internet so i can have stable connections
  • Posted on 13 July 18 at 17:00
    Rocket League finally free for gamepass i guess i need to redownload rocket league and check out the updates
  • KooshMooseKooshMoose1,277,494
    Posted on 13 July 18 at 18:00
    Rocket league is on gamepass. Finally the last 4 holdouts have the game.
  • RunroyRunroy787,852
    Posted on 13 July 18 at 20:05
    rocket league is so much fun!
  • SimmSimm2,025,976
    Posted on 13 July 18 at 20:36
    Good show. I agree never play overcooked with your kids lol.
  • ShinnizleShinnizle1,595,705
    Posted on 13 July 18 at 20:38
    Can't wait for Overcooked 2 though :D
    Broke is a state of wallet. Poverty is a state of mind.
  • MakeMeACoffeeMakeMeACoffee1,211,863
    Posted on 13 July 18 at 21:01
    Rocket league being added was a surprise
  • Posted on 14 July 18 at 02:48, Edited on 14 July 18 at 02:48 by HawkeyeBarry20
    I remember watching videos on Agony and I thought looked like the sickest game ever. I didn’t know if I would play play it because it looked so scary, only to find out I’m not going to play it because it’s a broken mess. My biggest disappointment of the year.
  • Posted on 14 July 18 at 04:20
    Not only is Culling 2 a money-grab, it's just a terrible game based on the reviews I've seen.
  • Akita AinuAkita Ainu365,848
    Posted on 14 July 18 at 07:21
    I 'm not going to mention the "free" Sims 4 to my wife and son. Our PCs have been infested with the bloated, cash-sucking thing for years. I see it as a virus.
  • Posted on 14 July 18 at 12:34
    I don't follow the World Cup. Or soccer/football in general.
    Looking for writers for PM me for more information.
  • Mark BMark B981,374
    Posted on 14 July 18 at 18:16
    Forza Horizon 4 looks really good. And really British!
  • triplepowtriplepow219,695
    Posted on 17 July 18 at 20:43
    Agree that more warning on games leaving games pass or minimum time in would be good
    Not trying is the same as failing!
  • taximiketaximike429,535
    Posted on 19 July 18 at 07:23
    Git 6 months of game pass from amazon for £24 pretty decent value. Need a bigger hard drive and more time now
  • DaveKineticDaveKinetic627,634
    Posted on 21 July 18 at 16:26
    The winner this week is comment number 12 by Mark B:
    Forza Horizon 4 looks really good. And really British!
    Congrats! Check your inbox for the choice of game codes!
    TA Social Manager | @DaveKinetic
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