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The 20 Quickest Xbox One and Xbox 360 Completions from the Ultimate Game Sale

Posted on 20 July 18 at 15:16
I appreciate having a list like this, but if we could add the list of prices instead of just the discount percentage, that would be great. I don't mind putting in some time. I may buy a 10-hour completion vs. a 2-hour completion if it is $5.00 vs. $15.00. Thanks for the awesome article though!
Posted on 20 July 18 at 16:23
Kez001 said:
Strykerz911 said:
Kez001 said:
Scrabble being on this list assumes it'll load and that you have a partner to do the emote achievement with online. If your account is linked to ubisoft club the game likes to just crash at startup. Wound up having to get a physical copy in order to play it.
There's a workaround to the crashing. Load the game offline. As soon as you are in the menu where you can choose a game, you can go online again. It's how I finished the game.

Also, I got the multiplayer emote achievement within 10 minutes of searching for a random game.
Couldn't get the workaround to fix it due to home console settings
I went and bought the Hasbro Family Fun Pack for $10 which has Monopoly Plus, Scrabble, Risk, and Trivial Pursuit in it. Way better than dealing with the glitches from a digital copy.
Posted on 20 July 18 at 16:59, Edited on 20 July 18 at 17:02 by FullNietzsche
There is no way you can do Pac-Man 256 in 3-4 hours, at least not if it's the same as the Steam version I've played. Getting all the powerups unlocked is a long tedious grind.

Oh and Galaga 3-4 hours even though it has achievements with ratios of 3.7 so would be beyond most people.

Suffice to say these times are suspect and of dubious worth.
Posted on 20 July 18 at 17:10
You can sort of cheat your way through getting all the powerups. From the walkthrough:
Using the Cloud Save Exploit
Once you have 4080 pellets, are 1 away on mission completion, and are very close to the next bonus you are ready to perform the exploit. If you haven't been regularly upgrading a power-up, upgrade one to level 7 to save yourself a few purchases. Now start by dashboarding the game in order to force the game the save to the cloud.

Next start the game and do all the steps to make progress toward each achievement you're working towards. This means:
-Buy the level 8 upgrade from the main menu's power-up screen.
-Start a game and play long enough to get enough pellets for the next power-up unlock
-Finish your mission (if you're working on one).
-Die to make the next power-up unlock and claim the mission reward

Now while on the main menu of the game, press the guide button, select Pac-Man 256, press start to bring up the xbox menu and go to "manage game and add-ons". Navigate to your save, select it, and select "delete local save". The save will remain, select it again and select "delete local save". You need to "delete local save" twice in order to actually delete your local save. Now launch Pac-Man 256. The game will sync with the cloud, and bring you back to right before you did all the steps to make progress toward the grindy achievements.

Now all you need to do is repeat this process about 30 times to get all the achievements. While this is a bit boring and repetitive, it's significantly quicker than legitimately unlocking all of the achievements.
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Posted on 20 July 18 at 17:28
MathGuy42 said:
The stats for The Jackbox Party Pack 3 don't make sense to me. The game can be completed in 3-4 hours. But some of the achievements have very high ratios, like 4.74. I don't fully understand why. The solutions don't sound too hard.

My guess is that these achievements, while easy, aren't likely to happen naturally, leaving out non-achievement hunters. Still, only 4% bothering with a small grind seems odd for TA. Just wondering if there's something about this game I don't understand.
As with Elite’s comment, not everyone on the site are die hard completionists and these games are quite fun when you have friends at home. A lot of this style game have relatively high ratios as they only get played locally with friends... much like the Mario Kart days.
Posted on 20 July 18 at 17:55, Edited on 20 July 18 at 18:08 by HolyHalfDead
z0rrofox said:
Also the Arcade Classics can take more than 3-4 hours each to 1000G. Easily get a decent 500-700 point bump but some of those achievements will takes ages.

Centurion and Rambler from Dig Dug spring to mind along with the OM NOM NOM and Perfect Stage achievements
But it says it right there, you can get all the achievements in 2-3 hours!

That is my problem with the completion estimates on this site, most people lie. It’s stupid really because only your friends might be able to see your response.

Even if they don’t consider the 10 hours prep they spent memorising speedruns on YouTube beforehand, it simply isn’t possible to complete 10 levels on the hardest difficulty while getting every collectable in 0-1 hours!

If there are shortcuts (such as spend $100, or use a glitch) *Conan* then I accept those times as perfectly valid. Although I’m not sure that someone who spent 10 hours setting up a Minecraft world so they can get all the achievements in 1 hour, should say they finished it in 0-1 hours. I guess you just need to do your own homework on how long it will take you (if you are not prepared to spend $100 for example).
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Posted on 20 July 18 at 18:02
Thanks to those who responded about Jackbox. That all makes sense. I just didn't expect the casual players to run a ratio into the high 4's.

On another topic, Multiplied Mayhem in Pac-Man 256 is somewhat luck based. I got frustrated and put it aside. I was surprised to see that I did so 2 years ago!
Posted on 21 July 18 at 01:55
I’ll pass on the easy games
Posted on 21 July 18 at 04:49
Heard Hellblade wa pretty easy and short...
State of the badass art.
Posted on 21 July 18 at 17:28
Guirec730 said:
Heard Hellblade wa pretty easy and short...
Yes and yes, but still a 6-8 hour completion.
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