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Silent Hill Homecoming and Silent Hill HD Collection Now Backward Compatible

Posted on 24 July 18 at 16:03
More titles join the Backward Compatibility program

Please click here to read the story: Silent Hill Homecoming and Silent Hill HD Collection Now Backward Compatible
Posted on 24 July 18 at 16:06, Edited on 24 July 18 at 16:09 by YODA12320
So looks like silent hill downpour is BC already. As well no longer available digitally only on disc.
Posted on 24 July 18 at 16:12
Awesome! Even though Silent Hill HD is jenk, it’s my only way to play SH2&3 so I’ll have to get it digitally. Only £6-odd in the ultimate sale right now, a great time to get it.
Large Coffee
Large Coffee
Posted on 24 July 18 at 16:21
I am so happy to see this! I've been wanting to go back to the Silent Hill HD Collection and now I have an excuse.
Posted on 24 July 18 at 16:22
Killer. As poor as the HD ports are, good to know SH 2&3 will persist on Xbox for the forceable future.

Also: Japanese publisher support is always welcome. ^ ^
Posted on 24 July 18 at 16:29
I finally get to finish Homecoming and get it off my backlog. It's a good day.
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Posted on 24 July 18 at 16:51
Very happy hd collection is bc. Will get homecoming at some point too so happy days.
Posted on 24 July 18 at 17:06
Maybe MGS2 and 3 soon then :) Great !
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Posted on 24 July 18 at 17:07
Very excited to finally start the Silent Hill series!

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 24 July 18 at 17:08
nice, the more games they move to xbox one, the smaller my backlog on 360 is before it dies or gets disabled on xbl
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Posted on 24 July 18 at 17:17, Edited on 24 July 18 at 17:22 by LAZY SHIKAMARUX
I wonder if they fixed the bug in Silent Hill 3 HD where the frame rate drops when you shoot the unlimited SMG.

I remember being in party chat with my friends while I was holding the gun and every time I shot it they started sounding like robots like my console was trying really hard to process it.
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Posted on 24 July 18 at 17:20
Yay!!! One of the requests I put i n finally here!!
Posted on 24 July 18 at 17:28
Good news, I have a physical copy of HD collection since a long time, but the achievement list sounds rather hard and time-consuming.
Dark Death 90
Dark Death 90
Posted on 24 July 18 at 17:32
I just want the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.
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Posted on 24 July 18 at 17:40
Another game series in need of a remake, ala RE2, more than a remaster - the game was bloody terrifying when it came out and I think it could be again.
Wumbo Woody
Wumbo Woody
Posted on 24 July 18 at 17:47
Homecoming is a hidden gem imo...Gameplay is klunky and shooting guns is difficult...story plays alot like a daytime drama and graphics are slightly behind the time period...

...Which makes it perfect for horror survival game....I never died cheaply once and the enviorments / boss fights / and enemy layout and design will always keep you on your toes with subtle hints as to when things are coming...its really just a less graphical / gameplay polished dead space...but the subtle things that make polished games work well are all there...honestly the best one to me besides 4...which ill never have any clue as to why people hate that one so much
Posted on 24 July 18 at 17:51
Would had been nice to play this now then back on the 360 but oh well, least I completed it.

SH3 was simple enough but SH2 achievements were bit of a pain. A great game none the less! I like MGS bc too but that's a huge slog completion-wise.
Posted on 24 July 18 at 17:57
Looks like I need to pick up a retail Homecoming again then. HD Collection is on sale this week too so... BONUS!
Posted on 24 July 18 at 18:07
I’ve never played a Silent Hill game so I have no nostalgia towards this series. Is it worth playing, has it aged well?
Posted on 24 July 18 at 18:26
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