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Unlock all achievements

  • thanatos8285thanatos8285312,069
    Posted on 03 April 19 at 14:10Permalink
    So is it just hit and miss in terms of who does and doesn't pop it right now? We can see from the page that people are still popping it each day, so it's definitely not a case where it's glitched for everyone.

    *Speculation ahead*

    Here's what I'm wondering: I would bet that the game data records when you unlock certain achievements (within the game itself separate from Xbox's achievement system), and that's how it tracks whether or not you've unlocked all achievements. So if you were to unlock an achievement but then quit out of the game before it saves, you'd have the achievement, but the game save data would not have that achievement recorded. The result then would be that you'd have the achievement, but the part of the game that's actually tracking your progress toward that big final achievement doesn't think you do.

    So, has anyone tried playing the game a second time WHILE ALSO making sure to do all the things required for the achievements in that second playthrough even though the achievements are already unlocked? A few people in this thread have tried similar approaches (finishing the game without doing BMO's analyze move, or failing the first interrogation), and I did see one other person ask a similar question to what I'm asking here, but can anyone confirm that they have done exactly this and had it not work? Again, this is all speculation, but the achievement clearly isn't broken entirely since people are still getting it, so there's got to be some kind of workaround.
  • Posted on 03 April 19 at 22:01Permalink
    It's never been glitched for everyone, pre or post update. It's just basically a coin flip whether it works or not. As for your theory, I assume achievements like this check to see if you have every achievement when you unlock one. When it glitches, you no longer have any achievements to unlock, so it no longer checks to see if you've unlocked every achievement, even if you "earn" an achievement again in a second playthrough. I do believe a few games with this problem have been patched to perform just such a check, but I can't think of a name off the top of my head. Perhaps some games don't work like that though.

    As for replaying the game unlocking everything, I could have sworn I saw a comment from someone saying they tried it with no luck, but the solution it was commented on seems to be gone.
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  • thanatos8285thanatos8285312,069
    Posted on 05 April 19 at 14:56Permalink
    I still see a lot of people unlocking this one, so I'm wondering if anyone can chime in if it has glitched on them recently. Not doubting that it has happened, but I'm interested to hear when the most recent occurrence of the glitch was. That way, we can track when patches seem to have not fixed, improved, or outright fixed the glitch.

    I think it would be helpful information for anyone who might be hesitant about starting a new game with a hit-or-miss achievement like this one.
  • TheGreyCraneTheGreyCrane445,155
    Posted on 08 April 19 at 10:18Permalink
    It touched for me on April 4th.
    I get all achivements, then pull the plug, but the last one didn't poped...
  • SonOfBeckettSonOfBeckett577,360
    Posted on 08 April 19 at 10:53Permalink
    Got the last one this morning. Saved one achievement for after I pulled the plug. Started new game and Overstonked the four banana guards during the tutorial fight. Got Quadrilateral and Pirates of the Enchiridion. Game completed, so achievement is still glitchy apparently, but doable.
  • Posted on 08 April 19 at 13:27Permalink
    I got the 1000 last night following this guide. Popped the complete all achievements with level 10 jake after grinding in the fire kingdom and it popped straight away so it is very much doable still... If it helps anyone i always quit game and let it load to the starting menu before i turned console off.
  • Posted on 12 April 19 at 20:32, Edited on 12 April 19 at 20:34 by SuperAwesomezPermalink
    It’s fixed it popped for me loading into the game from the main menu, with the update from today
  • Posted on 13 April 19 at 01:50Permalink
    I just got my 1000G by playing normally. The patch was released the day I was mopping up my last achievements. What are the odds...?
  • Commie VIDCommie VID780,641
    Posted on 13 April 19 at 06:56Permalink
    Checked the list of all games and that the game was updated 12 April?

    Just opened the game, selected continue, and the achievement popped!

    It looks like they may have fixed it?
  • Posted on 13 April 19 at 13:34Permalink
    Yea this popped durimg the loading screen for me this morning after checking back on this thread. smile
  • Posted on 14 April 19 at 05:11Permalink
    Fixed!!!!! Amazing, thank you. All I did was hit continue and the achievement popped
  • Pine ReaperPine Reaper707,558
    Posted on 14 April 19 at 17:45Permalink
    Finally! Thanks for the headsup!
  • Lt BogieLt Bogie67,842
    Posted on 26 December 19 at 04:37, Edited on 26 December 19 at 04:37 by Lt BogiePermalink
    Still glitched.
    Finally finished today and didn’t know to hold something besides pull the plug and I didn’t get this 🤬
  • TropanTropan791,016
    Posted today at 07:24Permalink
    Lt Bogie said:
    Still glitched.
    Finally finished today and didn’t know to hold something besides pull the plug and I didn’t get this 🤬
    May want to post/correct that you have indeed unlocked it.
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