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Ruiner shows more than 100% after completion on XBl Achievement List

  • CLARION 85CLARION 852,210,304
    Posted on 25 July 18 at 12:12, Edited on 08 August 18 at 00:58 by CLARION 85Permalink
    on my list its shows 120% completion on XBL the game things that i have unlock 12 Achievements more then normal this affect that games that i played after Ruiner ( Samsara, ACA Riding Hero, Rush Disney and Minecraft WP and i cant get 100% in that games...i contact Reikon Games support and send pictures...

    from Support Reikon

    MS told me that you indeed have 12 achievements unlocked for the second time. They asked that you send a ticket to them once again and they should help you.
    Also, please attach the screenshot of your recently unlocked achievements in Ruiner (and also send it to me).

    i give you an update if i know something new
  • K1ckK1ck1,062,072
    Posted on 26 July 18 at 02:57Permalink
    It happens to me too. Xbox app shows I earned 1755 GS, 43 achievements out of total 1500 GS, 33 achievements since the completion of this game, and it is not fixed for almost 3 months. I also contacted MS in late May but gained nothing. They couldn't even distinguish between this and missing gamerscore issue.
    The worse thing is that my current total GS is higher than it should be. The correct value is 227,420 but my account shows the current GS is 227,650.
  • CLARION 85CLARION 852,210,304
    Posted on 26 July 18 at 10:01, Edited on 26 July 18 at 10:11 by CLARION 85Permalink
    Im not the only one:-)
    I contacted Reikon Games and i hope they fix it...did you the same problem as me with other Games that you played after Ruiner? Like in my case for example i have all achievements for a game but the list shows only 82% and TA did not Track something?
  • K1ckK1ck1,062,072
    Posted on 27 July 18 at 00:12Permalink
    No, achievements from the other games work fine for me.
  • CLARION 85CLARION 852,210,304
    Posted on 27 July 18 at 00:13Permalink
    my list is after Ruiner bugged
  • Bar6arianBar6arian506,756
    Posted on 30 July 18 at 03:52Permalink
    Ruiner has many bugs that they can't reproduce. This gamerscore/achievement tracking expanding happen to me also but it fixed itself after awhile. I might have done a hard reset. All other games have been fine though.
  • CLARION 85CLARION 852,210,304
    Posted on 30 July 18 at 09:05Permalink
    i also did a hard reset incl. Factory reset, redownloaded profil but nothing helped
  • CLARION 85CLARION 852,210,304
    Posted on 11 August 18 at 01:03Permalink
    its fixed now for me
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