Game Discussion: Vigor

Vigor: A steaming pile of garbage.

  • tarbaxtarbax1,344
    Posted on 01 August 18 at 01:03Permalink
    Yeah I know it's in Early Access but those aren't the reasons for my assessment.
    Vigor is a steaming pile of garbage because it's a third-person Survival game, that alone tells you how casual the experience is going to be and if you prefer something that requires skill, you should avoid this game like the plague.
    What kind of a moronic developer puts you in a dense Forest and locks you in third person.
    With all of the low-hanging vegetation you're blind for most of your trek, unless you choose to Camp somewhere.
    The controls are extremely clunky and you have to click in the right stick after holding the left trigger to aim down sights.
    This is not conducive to a smooth gameplay experience whatsoever
    The developers should have made it first person only from the get-go.
    The only conclusion that I can come to as to their reasoning would have to be that they are garbage at first person shooters and need to sit in a bush, tpp, in order to achieve anything.
    They won't be getting any of my money ever.
    You should have stuck to Dayz. At least that had potential.
  • JedhedJedhed433,151
    Posted on 06 September 18 at 22:19Permalink
    So you do or don’t like it?
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