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Easiest Xbox Achievement Lists from July 2018

  • neeker75neeker751,587,721
    Posted on 04 August 18 at 00:26
    Gene Rain thinks it's Gears of War. In fact it's the only 3rd person shooter that gives me nausea.
  • acedawg4acedawg42,225,231
    Posted on 04 August 18 at 14:34
    BTW Adventure Time has a known glitchy achievement for Unlocking all other achievements! It just glitched on me so beware
  • KenH2k4KenH2k4585,055
    Posted on 04 August 18 at 22:53, Edited on 04 August 18 at 22:53 by KenH2k4
    I'll wait for a sale on Motus :)

    I'm adding most of these to my wishlist. However, Super Destronaut was an instant purchase after I heard them talking about it on the TA podcast. I had a blast. I'd love to see more reimaginings of Atari games with non retro graphics like this. Possibly of one of my favorite games of all time, Kaboom!
  • neeker75neeker751,587,721
    Posted on 05 August 18 at 00:16
    Yes, people complain about the easy achievements on Super Destronauts. But it's a really fun game. My four-year-old boy had a real blast. We still play it from time to time even though we got all the achievements already.
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant936,634
    Posted on 10 August 18 at 21:48
    Any chance of a hub page with all these lists on?
  • DiegoTanDiegoTan457,627
    Posted on 12 August 18 at 20:13
    Gotta admit those lists are great, thank you true achievements team!
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