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TA Podcast: Madden NFL 19, Bomber Crew, No Man's Sky and Win a Game

  • DaveKineticDaveKinetic596,268
  • tripli00tripli00183,900
    Posted on 03 August 18 at 15:26Permalink
    Special news? GAME shops (haven't been to one for ages!). Might break the habit of waiting for a long drive to listen to this .....
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  • tripli00tripli00183,900
    Posted on 03 August 18 at 15:27Permalink
    Favourite stat - the completion percentage - a nice easy way to see that I'm not a completionist cry
    Not trying is the same as failing!
  • Sil3nt ScotSil3nt Scot455,690
    Posted on 03 August 18 at 15:32Permalink
    ^^ completion % aswell...
  • NLounsNLouns225,825
    Posted on 03 August 18 at 16:24Permalink
    Thanks for clarifying the changes with the scanners, I figured something was wrong with my account when it seemed like it wasn't automatically updating laugh

    As far as my favorite stat goes, I like seeing how many people have completed a game, and how that compares to the number that have played it. Always really nice to be in the first few hundred that has completed a game. The other really nice thing about completions on the site is that it separates the base game from the DLC, as I usually don't bother with DLC unless it's free or a title update.
  • Chad DoogleChad Doogle219,897
    Posted on 03 August 18 at 16:56Permalink
    TA Ratio is my favorite stat. I think it makes certain achievements feel even more rewarding. Spelunky is one of my favorite games I've played and though it's a Xbox 360 arcade game has insanely high ratios on the achievements. So even though I'm unlocking achievement that are only worth a little bit of gamerscore, the ratios make them feel so rewarding.

    EX: Spelunky, Lower Scorer Achievement, 108 TA and 10 Gamerscore so nothing special but then the ratio is 10.75 which is just crazy! Make that achievement pop feel even better.
  • AboveHunterAboveHunter419,806
    Posted on 03 August 18 at 17:05Permalink
    My usual fave stat is the ratio of people who completed the achievements
  • Posted on 03 August 18 at 20:56Permalink
    My favorite stat is TA Ratio. Before I start a game I check the highest ratios of achievements for the game. If the ratio is really high then I try to determine if it's something that I think I am capable of completing or if I want to spend the time completing.
  • eayragteayragt180,382
    Posted on 04 August 18 at 05:11, Edited on 04 August 18 at 05:12 by eayragtPermalink
    Mine used to be TA Ratio, but GWG and particularly Freemium has soured that a little. I assume if someone pops a high TA achievement on a Freemium game that it's a low skill long grind, which is often unfair (although often fair).

    It's not a stat, but I like the number of achievements won graph, as that gives me a target to beat the average. Even though GWG and Freemium distorts this one as well.
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  • ZNMSZNMS274,815
    Posted on 04 August 18 at 08:23Permalink
    That's easy, the overall completion percentage is my favorite statistic.
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  • Posted on 04 August 18 at 14:27Permalink
    I agree parents should make sure the games their kids play are age appropriate. As far as having parents pay for someone to teach their kids how to play I don’t find this odd at all. It seems new because it’s gaming but it’s no different than a parent paying for their kid to take piano or golf

    I’d be interested to hear what makes the teacher qualified to teach Fortnite. Do they make any guarantees like the students average final placement will improve by 10 spots or something.
  • ShinnizleShinnizle827,429
    Posted on 05 August 18 at 03:10Permalink
    I don't know if I have a favorite stat to be honest. Probably TA ratio on single achievements. I just care about unlocking them in the end laugh
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  • nujaysnujays185,160
    Posted on 06 August 18 at 01:32Permalink
    My favorite stat is the total Trueachievement points. I love watching it grow especially when I play harder games that really get it to jump up.
  • ChewieOnIceChewieOnIce763,343
    Posted on 06 August 18 at 07:33Permalink
    Regarding taking screenshots, even though pressing the guide button brings up the pause menu, pressing Y to then take a screenshot should still take the image behind the menu. That's what happens doing it that way on lots of games.
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  • taximiketaximike231,099
    Posted on 07 August 18 at 07:17Permalink
    My favourite stat is completion estimates so i have an idea of how long it might take. I also like the distribution curves.
  • Posted on 07 August 18 at 22:34Permalink
    Awesome to hear about the partnership with GAME. I'm hoping someone takes some pics so I can see what it looks like in the store. Hopefully it goes well and you can expand that partnership to similar stores across the pond.
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  • ShinnizleShinnizle827,429
  • Posted on 08 August 18 at 18:10Permalink
    Can confirm that volunteering here is good fun! smile
  • Posted on 10 August 18 at 06:22, Edited on 10 August 18 at 06:24 by Northern LassPermalink
    Brilliant news about the Game partnership, i'll be sure to check the display out when i next visit a store.

    My favourite stat is completion percentage although not after a bean dive.
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