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    Posted on 03 August 18 at 16:37
    Please use this thread to discuss the Divinity: Original Sin 2 walkthrough
  • ChuiChui450,675 450,675 GamerScore
    Posted on 17 September 18 at 02:34
    Just an FYI for those lookin for it, sorry but walkthroughs been put on a minihiatus until november due to me getting married, but it is being worked on slowly!
  • ChuiChui450,675 450,675 GamerScore
    Posted on 01 November 18 at 18:29
    Just doing my honor playthrough, should be done relatively soon
    Posted on 23 November 18 at 14:06
    Almost done? I could use a hand... :) Can you post what you've completed?
  • Dang3R GamingDang3R Gaming1,375,221
    Posted on 23 November 18 at 14:46
    We don't post walkthroughs that haven't been fully finished and proofread. However, this is in the review stage, so it shouldn't be long before it's out.
  • SoupaBuoySoupaBuoy623,929
    Posted on 23 November 18 at 15:06
    This is on my radar, midway through reviewing I had a ton of work dumped on my plate but I'm going back through it over the next few days. Should be with you really soon.
  • KwasimodoZAKwasimodoZA110,670
    Posted on 29 November 18 at 10:04
    Eagerly anticipated, playing on PC but anyhoo
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  • GerbasgamerGerbasgamer1,789,114
    Posted on 29 August 20 at 12:03
    Good walkthrough even though I'm not following it step by step, only to make the right decisions to not lock myself out of an achievement.

    I noticed that your walkthrough contains a lot of optional stuff. Maybe you could highlight the non main-story and achievement related stuff (or vice versa) so people like me don't have to read through all these paragraphs that don't contain relevant information.
  • GerbasgamerGerbasgamer1,789,114
    Posted on 02 September 20 at 16:18
    On Chapter 5 you wrote:
    "Throughout this area are clay protectors that you cannot target or fight, but they will whack you unless you are a dwarf".
    That's not true. You can target them by pressing right on the dpad and then attack and kill them.
  • GerbasgamerGerbasgamer1,789,114
    Posted on 05 September 20 at 16:09
    Found a few issues with Chapter 6.

    You wrote:
    "Once you do, talk to Big Tomorrah again and persuade her to sell you the painting [...]"

    This is the first time you mention the name Big Tomorrah in the guide. One sentence before that you refer to her as "someone". It's a little confusing when you try to find out a person's location but the only clue is "talk to XXX again".

    You wrote:
    "Head to the south side of the room and use spirit vision to see a missing spirit portrait which you have already - so put it in and head into the room, then interact with the west bookcase on the southwall and use Tome of the God King to reveal a hatch to go down. Talk to Windego then head forward and talk to the source king. Afterwards put the painting Responsibility onto the altar and it'll reveal another hatch to go down."

    Again this is the first and only time you mention the painting "Responsibility". You don't even mention where to pick it up. (It's in the room that unlocks by putting the missing spirit portrait in the spot)
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