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Elastigirl and Syndrome

Posted on 08 August 18 at 04:38
Where are they? I finished the Incredibles world and they were not there, however, their voice actors are credited in the game.
Am I missing something?
Smoky Brenneth
Posted on 11 July 19 at 08:35
Interesting, might point towards cut content possibly. Is there no appearance of them in the bonus features?
Posted on 11 July 19 at 16:44, Edited on 11 July 19 at 22:35 by KinectKid333
I haven't checked, but they could appear somewhere in the bonus art/material. And even if they didn't voice act, it's usually safer for a company to give extra credit for something--i.e. giving full disclosure in the credits for copyrighted characters even though their names are just mentioned once or twice in the entire game--than to not give credit at all and risk getting sued.

Edit: Found where they were mentioned
-Syndrome is mentioned in the expositional cutscene of the first episode
-Elastigirl is mentioned as one of Mr. Incredible's lines that he can say when you're playing as him/playing with him. ("Where's Elastigirl when you need her?")
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