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Begging for help

  • Posted on 09 August 18 at 10:02Permalink
    Please Help! I am desperate!

    I need 3 character unlocks to finally complete this game but cannot find them listed anywhere!! Please can you tell me if you have them listed on yours and if you can tell me how to unlock them. I have done everything else and got all achievements just these last 3 characters. They are between the names below:

    Eddie Carr
    Isaac Clement
    Lowery Cruthers

    George Lambert
    Masise Lockwood
    Peter Ludlow
    DR Ian Malcolm
    Kelly Malcolm
    Simon Masrani
    Gray Mitchell
    Karen Mitchell
    Scott Mitchell
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    Posted on 03 September 18 at 00:41, Edited on 03 September 18 at 00:44 by LavindatharPermalink
    HawkeyeBarry20 said:
    You say you need 3 characters but your list has 12 names. Not sure what ones you need. Regardless, here is a list of all names, they don’t have solutions for all but they do have some of the names on your list.
    He’s missing the ones where he has replaced the name with the word ‘MISSING’.

    He obviously can’t list their name because he didn’t know it.


    Hit 5 stars in Isla Nublar and you should get the ones you need. You don’t have Gray Mitchell: Reach 3 stars on overall rating on Isla Nublar, so I’m guessing you haven’t played it.

    There is also one for your first Dino released on Isla nublar etc.
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