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Information Posted on 10 August 18 at 08:33
Please use this thread to discuss this game's classification under the multi-genre system.

If you disagree with the current genres, please click the "Add genre disagreement" button below.
Posted on 10 August 18 at 11:35, Edited on 10 August 18 at 11:36 by Redanian
I think Dungeon Crawler and Metroidvania personally (along with the current genres).
Posted on 11 August 18 at 08:58, Edited on 11 August 18 at 08:59 by coma1138
The runes make it a Metroidvania, imo.
Posted on 12 August 18 at 05:33
The runes allow you to backtrack and open up/explore different levels even though other types of progress are lost after a death. The health flasks carry over as well and the extra health/healing they provide can help you to progress further as well. It's about 80/20 roguelite/metroidvania IMO. I'd like to see metroidvania added to the existing genres as the metroidvania-like combat really sets this game apart from the puny combat found in roguelites like Rogue Legacy, Bard's Gold, and Spelunky.
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