Game Discussion: We Happy Few

Is this coming to Game Pass?

  • JKSullivanJKSullivan543,354
    Posted on 11 August 18 at 11:17Permalink
    I thought that all first party titles were supposed to be available in Xbox Game Pass. Now that Compulsion Games is MS-Owned, does anybody know if it will end up there? I really want to play this one, but would hate to spend 60 dollars today only for it to be free in a few days.
  • AhayzoAhayzo556,924
    Posted on 11 August 18 at 12:54Permalink
    I believe when they bought them that they said future games would be on Game Pass. I assume that meant games they weren't currently working on.
  • Snitty 1Snitty 11,206,462
    Posted on 11 August 18 at 18:32, Edited on 11 August 18 at 18:35 by Snitty 1Permalink
    We Happy Few isn't a first party title as it's published by Gearbox, so seems unlikely to join game pass anytime soon.
  • BigNev44BigNev441,259,111
    Posted on 12 August 18 at 04:21Permalink
    They've already signed Gearbox to do the publishing and distributing before Microsoft bought them out.
  • Loch DounLoch Doun227,549
    Posted on 16 January 19 at 16:47Permalink
    Yes! Yes it is coming to Game Pass!!!
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