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Uno & Friends Server Uptime Extended... Again

  • Iggsy81Iggsy81594,477
    Posted on 12 August 18 at 07:15
    This is just on phone, not xbox?
  • TheMaizeTheMaize1,403,749
    Posted on 12 August 18 at 08:06, Edited on 12 August 18 at 08:06 by TheMaize
    Iggsy81 said:
    This is just on phone, not xbox?
    The game is only released on windows phone and windows 8 (works on 10 too)
    And it goes for both versions
  • Redd FiveRedd Five1,017,512
    Posted on 12 August 18 at 18:10
    The time gating on this game is maddening. Hardly worth it to log in to scratch and win 3 coins and play 1 game before having to wait 45 more minutes.
  • Erik SeidelErik Seidel217,931
    Posted on 12 August 18 at 20:49
    New Paralyzer said:
    I've tried so hard to finish this game. My data will not stop erasing itself.
    I was lvl 98 before setting back to lvl 1. Some guy in a forum on this site gave the advise to always do some social task before closing the app like sending someone coins or accepting a gift.

    I always did both on my 2nd run to lvl 100 and luckily it worked for me.
  • Posted on 13 August 18 at 01:59
    Currently Level 51...long grind to 100 if you don't purchase coins and use the power-ups for win streak bonuses...glad there is more time now. Oh and to the stupid AI players...please stop playing a reverse or skipping to players on Uno.
  • Posted on 13 August 18 at 03:04
    Again! Haha.
    Sabin VII
  • planchetflawplanchetflaw808,599
    Posted on 13 October 18 at 01:21, Edited on 24 October 18 at 07:18 by planchetflaw
    level 59. Such a chore without getting tokens for wins now.

    Level 79. Getting there. Should be done come December.
  • planting42planting422,042,594
    Posted on 02 November 18 at 19:37, Edited on 02 November 18 at 19:37 by planting42
    Its been extended again.

    In-game purchases stop Jan 31st and the game is set to close Feb 28th, 2019!AvLn6a4cQ_CygctmqSTFZ07qsio5xg
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