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    Posted on 13 August 18 at 14:00
    Please use this thread to discuss the ACA NEO GEO METAL SLUG 4 walkthrough
  • Posted on 09 September 18 at 18:43, Edited on 09 September 18 at 19:42 by Dat Boi Treezy
    Sorry that this took longer than expected, I've been a very busy man!

    I've manage to finish everything up now and have saved a lot of time thanks to a handy video I found on YouTube. I just need to edit, render and upload one of my own for the Caravan Mode as it would be a bit of ashame to see it go to waste. A few more hours and the walkthrough will be good to go.

    Edit: Submitted for review.
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  • AwooAwoo2,054,411
    Posted on 08 December 18 at 01:47, Edited on 08 December 18 at 01:48 by Awoo
    This walkthrough is terrible. Barely a text guide, and the video is very inadequate. He does many sections in ways that are way too risky, and glosses over explaining important parts. For example, the little damage boost jump with the tank onto the platform on the second boss fight seems disgustingly precise and inconsistent to me, and nowhere in the WT or video are any tips for how to do it. Neither does he mention the crucial importance of going into that fight with full tank health, which is a must since you need every bit of health to survive tanking (literally) the final phase, unless you get ridiculous rng like in the video and only get hit once during it.

    Also calling this game "very easy"... I've done both of the XBLA Slugs, and I've been playing this one for going on seven hours now with no success. It is definitely far, far above any other ACA title.
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  • Posted on 08 December 18 at 06:23
    Thanks for the feedback Awoo.

    I know the video guide is a risky one but without it, there was no way I was completing this game fully. I've relied on the video much more than I usually would because it was a massive eye-opener for me and really made everything a breeze once I managed to pull off some of the moves he did in the video. Once I became familiar with his techniques, it all became pretty easy to complete overall. I thought the text he included in the video was pretty solid and really helpful.

    "Very easy" is a bit of an exaggeration sorry, so I can edit that.

    As much as i would have love to have made the walkthrough from scratch with just my own content, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't even max out the combo bar before having to search laugh. I tried many different ways to complete the game before having to resort to using Muse's technique.
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