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Backwards Compatibility

  • Posted on 15 August 18 at 07:16Permalink
    Hi all

    I recently completed Viva Pinata but was able to play it on my 360 as well as Xbox one. I assume this is because it not only is backwards compatible but part of Xbox games pass.

    However, I started Jetpack Refuelled on my Xbox One, but when I go to my 360 it asks me to buy the game even though I have achievements and it is of course backwards compatible.

    Does anyone know what will and will not play?
  • Posted on 15 August 18 at 07:59Permalink
    None of them will play on the 360 by owning Rare Replay.

    Viva Pinata TIP was Games with Gold a while back which is probably why that worked for you on xbox 360 (because you had "bought" it separately from Rare Replay)
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