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V-Rally 4 Shows Off The Classic Rally Cars And A Lot More

  • Nexus GruntNexus Grunt154,372
  • Posted on 16 August 18 at 02:22Permalink
    Nice videos. Looking good.
    Not sure that it’s a day one purchase though.
  • J4CKA1J4CKA1194,737
    Posted on 17 August 18 at 12:41Permalink
    i love rally IRL. might actually play a rally game with this coming out.
  • D3m0nF0rc3D3m0nF0rc3766,907
    Posted on 18 August 18 at 13:52Permalink
    Kylotonn's absimal history indicates purchasing a well known classic ip after losing the wrc license, not before time I hasten to add, the only hit this is likely to be is to bury it quick in the graveyard of video games.

    Oh and expect wheel support to be decades behind all other developers as usual.
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