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Ultimate Head to Head 4 - Rules and FAQ

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    Ultimate Head To Head Contest 4 Rules

    The Ultimate Head to Head contest (“UHH”) is an elimination event running over multiple contest periods.

    At the start of each period, players are paired up using an algorithm* and given a list of 20 achievements that they both have yet to unlock, in games they both own. They have until the end of the period to earn as many of the listed achievements as they can, and have them scanned into the site before the end of the period. The winner of that head to head match is the player that earns the most achievements from the list.

    If both players earn the same number of achievements, the player with the higher sum of ratios (the result of adding the ratios for the unlocked achievements together) is given the win. If this is also tied, the player that earned their last achievement sooner is given the win.

    If both players fail to earn a single achievement, they are both given a loss for that match-up.

    Group Stage
    During the first four periods, known as the Group Stage, there will be no eliminations.

    Contestants will earn points as follows:

    1 point for every listed achievement earned
    5 points for a match-up win

    At the end of the Group Stage, players will therefore have a maximum of 100 points (80 achievements and four wins).

    At the end of Period 4, players will be ranked on their points. The top 256 gamers will go through to the knockout stage. If there is a tie on points scored for the 256th place, the person with the most group stage wins will go through. If that is also a tie, the player with the higher sum of ratios (the result of adding the ratios for the unlocked achievements together) is given the win.

    Players not in the Top 256 positions will continue to be matched up like the group stage in order to climb the leaderboard for achievements won during the contest.

    At this point there will be an option for anyone that gets relegated to Just for Fun to opt-out of the event and a PM to those members stating its there.

    Knockout Stage
    From Period 5 onwards the contest takes a knockout format - the winner of each matchup will go through to the next period and the loser is eliminated.

    Full contest schedule:
    Tuesday August 14th: Registration opens
    Monday August 20th: Registration closes at 08:00 UTC
    Saturday August 25th: Group Stage Round One
    Saturday September 1st: Group stage Round Two
    Saturday September 8th: Group stage Round Three
    Saturday September 15th: Group stage Round Four
    Saturday September 29th: Top 256 go into the Knock Tournament — Eliminated entrants join the Just-For-Fun stage.
    Saturday October 6th: Top 128
    Saturday October 13th: Top 64
    Saturday October 20th: Top 32
    Saturday October 27th: Top 16
    Saturday November 3rd: Top 8
    Saturday November 10th: Top 4
    Saturday November 17th: Grand Final
    Saturday November 24th: Winner Crowned

    Note: If we are unable to match all 20 locked achievements for a head to head pairing across a reasonable spread of games, we will choose different locked achievements for each gamer with as close as possible TA Ratios. These will then count as the same achievement for the purposes of scoring.

    * The algorithms
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Registration Requirements
    In order to register for the event, you need to have at least 2,500 locked achievements in at least 50 games that satisfy the following conditions:

    Games count as valid if they are:
    In your Game Collection with an ownership status of Owned, Games with Gold, EA Access or Xbox Game Pass
    Playable on the Xbox One Only — this includes Xbox 360 backwards compatible games
    Apps do not count
    From either games you've started or games you own in your game collection (you decide)
    Have a minimum of 1000 gamers that have started them
    Not completed by you (base game + title updates, available achievements only)

    Achievements count as valid if they are:
    Not currently unlocked by you
    Not from DLC except for Title Updates
    Not unobtainable or discontinued (according to our flags)

    You can selectively remove up to 20 titles from your games played list for cases of games gone missing, on loan, unplayable or just things you don't want to play.

    This means that if you intend to enter, you need to make sure your Game Collection is up to date before registration closes as you may be given achievements in any of your owned games if that option is chosen.

    Gamers must also have full tracking status on TrueAchievements and have a minimum of 10,000 GamerScore.

    We will check the registration requirements at the point of registration, but also as soon as registration closes. If you do not meet the requirements at that point then you will have their registration removed.

    At the point of registration closing we will snapshot the achievements for each valid player and store them in a pool. We will use these achievements for the duration of the contest (achievements won during the contest that aren’t on the target list will be removed from that player’s pool automatically). Games started or added to the collections that were previously not in the pool will be added at the beginning of each period, prior to the matching algorithms being run.

    Period Start and End Times
    The match-ups for each round of the competition will be revealed every Saturday at 5PM BST (16:00 UTC+0) and match-ups will end the following Saturday at 11AM BST (10:00 UTC+0). This provides us with six hours to ensure the best match-ups for the following period.

    Achievement wins during 6 hour matching period
    Achievements won during this time and scanned into TA will be removed from the achievement pool before the achievement list is built at the start of the period.
    Achievements won during this time and not scanned into TA until after the start of the following period will count as valid wins if they are on the target achievement list for the next period.

    Online Achievements
    Only achievements with timestamps that are scanned into TrueAchievements during the period will count for that period.

    Maintaining Locked Achievement Count
    Competitors need to maintain at least valid 2,000 locked achievements (as specified above) during the duration of the contest. If they drop below this, they will be notified at the end of the period and have until the end of the following period to get back above 2,000. If they do not do so, they will be disqualified from the contest.

    The Prizes
    Joint 3rd Places: Badge on your profile page and three months of TA Pro
    2nd Place: Badge on your profile page and six months of TA Pro
    1st Place: Badge on your profile page and one year of TA Pro

    Scanner Issues
    In the case of Xbox Live or TrueAchievements a period of sustained downtime that prevents achievements unlocks and/or scans, we reserve the right to extend the period at our discretion.

    Done Unlocking Issues
    Achievements only count when they are scanned into TrueAchievements. Done Unlocking issues are unfortunate but cannot be accounted for - achievements must be scanned in during the appropriate period to count.

    TrueAchievements reserves the right to remove anyone from the contest who has their tracking status changed, requests to leave the site or is banned from the site, or who is judged to be bringing the contest into disrepute. In this instance, their opponent for the round will be given the win by default.

    Please feel free to post all questions in the Ultimate Head to Head 4 - Discussion thread.

    Thanks angelsk for these:

    What counts as a started game for the competition?

    This depends on the settings you chose during registration (check that here: UHH4 Registration).

    Started Games Only: If you've unlocked an achievement in a game (including in a Title Update or DLC)
    In Collection: Game has been added to My Game Collection with an ownership status of Owned, Games with Gold, Game Pass or EA Access - either manually, or through unlocking an achievement as above.

    How do I change the ownership status of a game?

    NOTE: Only games set to Owned, Games with Gold, Game Pass or EA Access will be included in the competition.

    1. Go to My Game Collection.
    2. Depending on which view you have set, do the following:

    Hover over the image for the game, it will change to "Edit". Click on this, and you will get a pop down with options. Change the "Ownership Status".

    Click on the "Edit" button at the end of the game row, and you will get the same pop down with options. Change the "Ownership Status".

    Help! I can't see my game to change the status / I cannot add a game to my games collection

    You have probably set the game to be hidden. Hidden games, don't show in some places on the site, but are still on your tag and are still valid for the competition (if the ownership status matches). To unhide a game from your collection go to the Game page and click on the button that says "Game" on the left hand side under the picture of the game. Then click on "Restore to My Games and Session Calendar". It should appear again.

    If I start a new game, can achievements from it be chosen in the next UHH rounds?

    Short answer, yes.

    Long answer, yes. However, you can change the ownership status of your game if you don't want it to be picked (e.g: you played a demo/ EA Access game etc; or you just want to enjoy a new game)

    I unlocked an achievement on my UHH list and it's showing up on TA but I didn't get the tick

    Unfortunately, this means you unlocked the achievement offline (on the 360 or emulator). These achievements show up without a timestamp and just show as "Unlocked". Achievements unlocked offline do not count towards the competition because there is no way to verify exactly when you earned them. You can check on your profile on, and it will say if it was earned offline. TA can not do anything about this, and it will not count towards UHH.

    Help! I unlocked an achievement offline, what can I do?

    If the achievement has synced to (and can be scanned by TA), because your Xbox reconnected to Xbox live, then sadly you are out of luck - and there's nothing anyone can do.

    HOWEVER, if the achievement has not yet synced, then immediately disconnect your Xbox from the internet or turn off your router (or whatever internet device you have). Delete your profile from your Xbox. Reconnect your internet, and connect to Xbox Live. Re-download your profile. The achievement you unlocked offline will be gone; and you will have to re-earn it. Depending on the game you may have to re-meet the requirements, or it may pop when you load the game (or something else).

    How do I check if I'm online on Xbox 360 / Xbox One with Backwards Compatiblity?

    Being offline on the Xbox One doesn't matter, your achievements will sync with a timestamp when you go back online. But when you're using the Xbox 360 or on the One via Backward Compatibility, you may want to minimise the likelihood of being offline.

    Tip 1: Check the 360 menu to check you are connected before getting to the point of unlocking the achievement. The Xbox button on the 360 controller, or cn_back and cn_start on the One controller.
    Tip 2: If you have to download an update, once the game has reloaded check you are connected to live before continuing.
    Tip 3: If you can, avoid using Backwards Compatibility on the One if you have issues with staying connected to Live through it.
    Tip 4: Be in an Xbox Live Party of one. That way if you're disconnected, and it doesn't tell you, then you will get a notification about being unable to connect to the party instead.
    Tip 5: Keep checking you're online, especially if you're close to unlocking the achievement.
    Tip 6: See Help! I unlocked an achievement offline, what can I do? if you get unlucky.

    How do I see how many valid achievements I have left for the competition?

    One of the rules is that you must keep your valid locked achievement count above 2000 during the competition. You can check how many valid achievements you have here: UHH4 Registration

    I set the ownership status of a game to something other than Owned, Games with Gold, Game Pass or EA Access and it still got picked, why is this?

    Once registration closed on the August 20th, your initial game collection was locked and the initial pool of achievements can only be reduced by unlocked achievements. If you didn't change the game status before then, then changing it now won't work.

    For new games started after August 20th, you need to change the status BEFORE the end of the current period. Any game still valid once achievements are starting to be picked in the matchups, will become part of the achievement pool.

    I was looking at someone else's profile and I saw green bars on some of the games/ achievements, what are they?

    When you look at someone's else profile and their UHH list, it shows a green line under those games that you own, in case they're a friend and you can help them out with winning them :)

    All the achievements on my UHH list are for one console, is there a setting somewhere to change this?

    Nope, you've not missed a setting. Your achievements are picked from common games between you and your opponent. If either of you has a majority on one console, then it's more than likely you will have your list just from that console.

    What is a pudding?

    Someone who doesn't unlock any achievements in their list in a particular round of UHH - basically giving their competitor a free win.

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