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Super Destronaut DX Review

  • Reaver LionReaver Lion1,102,391
    Posted on 17 August 18 at 08:20
    Tropan said:
    Enjoyable 1 hour, but no replay value. Priced perfectly for a quick bout of fun and achievements, so far this company has been golden and hit a nice sweet spot. Short, Fun, Affordable, Completable, Deletable.

    review spot on imhosmile
    ''Fear is the mind killer''
  • SiguardiusSiguardius1,631,510
    Posted on 17 August 18 at 09:04, Edited on 17 August 18 at 09:06 by Siguardius
    I wrote the review of the game myself and in my beginning statement I wrote exactly what you'd write. This game has to offer more than the original Space Invaders and Galaga combined. Isn't this enough? Do we really expect open world, multiple story arcs and branching quest lines from 5€ game nowadays?

    I mean... It achieved everything it wanted to and it's cheap. And it's good. According to TA review score guidelines it should get 4 (if nothing changed since I last checked).
  • Legohead 1977Legohead 19771,816,985
    Posted on 17 August 18 at 09:34
    Looks like it will be a good one to pick up at some point, at least it doesn't have those tricky achievements that Arcade: Galaga had!
    Legohead 1977
  • True MarvellousTrue Marvellous4,434,348
    Posted on 17 August 18 at 17:44
    Its a score attack game how in the blue hell can it have no replayability. roll

    Its a old school arcade shooter ala space invaders which is still as replayable 40 years later!!!
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  • Stealth DavidStealth David3,334,278
    Posted on 20 August 18 at 11:34
    Looks ok
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  • Warder0Warder0467,902
    Posted on 31 August 18 at 12:39, Edited on 31 August 18 at 12:40 by Warder0
    Enjoyed it while it lasted. However... once the achievements had all gone the desire to play it was gone. Which makes me sound awesome of course...
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