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  • Posted on 16 August 18 at 20:10Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the Cities: Skylines walkthrough
  • That Guy086That Guy086536,193
    Posted on 31 January 19 at 21:49Permalink
    Excited to see the Green City update get added
  • JammXLIVJammXLIV312,914
    Posted on 05 February 19 at 18:08Permalink
    I cannot get the Statue of Shopping to unlock using the walkthrough steps of starting a new map. Does it not unlock unique buildings unless you have a city over 650 population?
  • alexrjedi1alexrjedi1117,403
    Posted on 16 July 19 at 02:09Permalink
    Overall good so far, but in the section where you update the roads you should add or elaborate specific instructions and diagrams to allow the process to be easily replicable because I’m finding it difficult to follow. Also it would be helpful if the guide that focuses on Vanilla Achievements and aspects reflected such instead of having the default options for vanilla users be the alternatives you suggest, especially in said highway section.
    It’s getting frustrating trying to decipher what you’re explaining without a proper step by step guide for what you’re doing.
  • alexrjedi1alexrjedi1117,403
    Posted on 16 July 19 at 19:56Permalink
    Coming back to it, I still cannot get your highway system to work, the road from the underground tunnel to the surface is always too steep. Can you please elaborate how you made the ramp system?
  • LohginnLohginn84,768
    Posted on 23 August 19 at 04:27Permalink
    I cannot get the "I want it all" achievement to pop for me. I have unlocked all of the buildings mentioned in the walkthrough and then deleted the dlc and started a new city as specified and still no achievement. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  • TheLungZTheLungZ139,706
    Posted on 27 August 19 at 00:26Permalink
    Good guide overall but I have only started using. Noticed two mistakes already which caused confusion. The build cost for roads is a great way to know if you’re building the right length as detailed but already in the first section of town size 7.5k it specifies draw a two lane one way road and should cost 160. A typo of 1600, hopefully this pattern doesn’t continue.

    Also just before this when you said draw a single block of road to unlock the others you didn’t specify to delete the last block you made. I saw the mistake instantly and deleted from my own common sense but errors like this could case major issues in a complex build or further infor the bigger city walkthroughs. I recommend you double check the guide! Appreciate the effort spent !
  • TheLungZTheLungZ139,706
    Posted on 27 August 19 at 00:38Permalink
    Apologies for my last comment... you didn’t make any errors but that did make it a little confusing to upgrade that one little bit of road. Maybe easier just to tell people to delete that little section and then build 1 block, 1/2 block etc from start. I’m newish to game so others like me may struggle. Racked my brain for a good 10 mins
  • thanatos8285thanatos8285376,498
    Posted on 21 March 20 at 17:43Permalink
    The "Back to Work" policy you reference on page 7 has either been renamed or removed. Couldn't find it anywhere, and no references to it in Google other than this walkthrough. Also, regarding that same page, it might be helpful to post a completed screenshot of the zoning. I wasn't really clear on what "4/8: 4 blocks of low density commercial on the outside as a buffer, the remainder residential" meant, so a completed screenshot as a reference would've helped. That's not a problem with the walkthrough per se, it's just something you might consider including to polish things a bit. Also I somehow ended up with an extra column, so it would've also been a helpful reference for me as I figured out what to do with the extra column.
  • Clever JakeClever Jake520,475
    Posted on 28 March 20 at 15:25Permalink
    After deleting all the DLC it looks like the Academic Library is now a building that needs to be unlocked
  • Posted on 22 May 20 at 16:13Permalink
    So I'm just starting this, and I think something in the game might have changed since this started? The blue electrical area for all the zoning doesn't extend past the roads, so the powerline setup is useless unless you place a bit of zoning along the outside edge.
  • ıIamfineıIamfine161,933
    Posted on 25 May 20 at 12:31Permalink
    i dont understand the road bit its super confusing
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