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Need friends who still play this!!!

  • Posted on 16 August 18 at 21:02Permalink
    Just bought dying light the following!! Anyone want to play? I’m a newbie to the game and am just looking for people to play with!!! Please reply or send me a message on Xbox if interested in playing.

    KOX KingOfXbox4
  • Posted on 16 August 18 at 23:18Permalink
    I have yet to start this as well. Is co op required?
  • Posted on 17 August 18 at 02:18Permalink
    not required but from what i know all achievements can be gotten in co op , ill send you a message and friend request on xbox
  • Chris1984ukChris1984uk936,183
    Posted on 17 August 18 at 11:21Permalink
    There is an achievement for doing 5 quests/side quests with the same 3 people. (plus yourself)
  • Cellar AtticCellar Attic450,395
    Posted on 17 August 18 at 13:29Permalink
    Look me up. I've completed all the achievements in the main game, but I still need all the DLC achievements.
  • Posted on 17 August 18 at 18:43Permalink
    I’ll add both of you shortly
  • Posted on 14 September 18 at 14:51Permalink
    Looking to complete the co-op achievements. If anyone is interested message me.

  • Posted on 16 September 18 at 21:00Permalink
    If anyone is looking to do BOZAK or need the 5 Quest Achievement let me know. I am still missing those as well. GT: Shadow Of Words
  • PunkPunk469,388
    Posted on 19 September 18 at 14:55Permalink
    I'm also looking to do the Bozak and the 5 quest achievement.
  • Posted on 09 October 18 at 13:47Permalink
    Looking for more people to do the 5 quests with 3 co op partners
    Im Papa Justify
  • CraigyB78CraigyB78751,399
    Posted on 11 October 18 at 17:44Permalink
    Starting this today to redeem my 40 dockets before they expire
  • ElSaviolaElSaviola158,509
    Posted on 20 October 18 at 17:58Permalink
    I'm looking to complete the Bozark and/or co-op achievements also.

    If anyone wants to team up then hit me up on here with a private message or message me on Xbox. GT: ElSaviola

    In addition i've also set up a game sessions for these achievements. See it here: Co-op Gaming Session for Dying Light
  • GearDoGiGearDoGi438,768
    Posted on 20 October 18 at 18:19Permalink
    Hi there! I need all the multiplayer achievements.
    Anyone interested let me know.
    GT: GearDoGi
  • CraigyB78CraigyB78751,399
    Posted on 25 October 18 at 20:50Permalink
    I am still working on the campaign side of things but will be looking to get all mp achievements after 13th November. I will be making a session for Bozak stuff for around mid November.
  • noctumynoctumy108,894
    Posted on 01 November 18 at 22:51Permalink
    I search 3 players for « Polyamory » my GT : noctumy
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