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Indie Arena Booth Brings 12 New Titles to Gamescom

  • punkyliarpunkyliar240,616
  • billbillbillbillbillbill1,156,572
    Posted on 16 August 18 at 23:39
    Some pretty cool looking stuff here - lovin' Star Renegades!

    Atone looks/sounds incredible, though. Like a cross between Hyper-Light Drifter and Fez. Really looking forward to seeing more of that'ne in the future
  • Posted on 17 August 18 at 00:35
    Curious how The Textorcist is gonna work.
    Im in!
  • Posted on 17 August 18 at 07:27
    If you could let us know which of these titles you would like us to check out and talk about on our Gamescom podcast, please do so in the comments smile
  • adamrulzadamrulz416,172
    Posted on 17 August 18 at 17:48
    My Memory of Us PLEASE!!
  • Iggsy81Iggsy81595,577
    Posted on 17 August 18 at 23:41
    Mental Hilarity said:
    Curious how The Textorcist is gonna work.
    Keyboard on Xbone by then maybe?

    Star Renegades is my highlight. Desperately craving more turn-based RPGs
  • Inspector 74Inspector 74454,114
    Posted on 20 August 18 at 13:12
    I would love to see more on TriFox ( it looks kinda platformish ?Its a twin shooter though you say ???Very intrigued by this) Felix the reaper gives me excellent flashbacks of the criminally underrated 'Contrast' and Edna and Harvey I would love to see much more on this and I think 'Ary and the secret of seasons sells itself' probably a bit clichè but im a sucker for an adventure platform game.
    Why didn't I just say everything eh??? roll
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm614,968
  • 粉丝游戏粉丝游戏1,087,720
    Posted on 20 March 21 at 16:31
    more ratalaika,xilitron pls!
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