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earning Helix Credits

Posted on 18 August 18 at 18:27

Perhaps this has been done before but I'm trying to work out what activities give awards of Helix Credits within ACS. Thing is, there are some lists out there but they do not tally with what I have seen so far:

500 with the Season Pass
400 with the Ubisoft Club
10 per social glitch
150 for all beer bottles
150 for all historical illustrations

I also got 150 around the time I conquered the second-easiest borough (I did them in order) but cannot for the life of me remember exactly what the message was, whether it was for the conquering or for getting to 50 normal glitches in the game which is listed somewhere as a method of getting Helix Credits.

Does anyone have a definitive list of what the activities are and what the award is for each?

Posted on 24 August 18 at 10:34
I got another two lots of 150 Helix Credits during the game but again it wasn't clear what happened to prompt the award. Ubisoft Support do not have a definitive list.
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