Game Discussion: Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion

Character Ultimates

  • Posted on 19 August 18 at 05:50Permalink
    I might have totally missed it but how do the character ultimates work? Do you need to have a full bar on the character and the energy bar? Just started so I'm only at the Candy Kingdom. Thanks in advance!
  • Posted on 20 August 18 at 10:59Permalink
    just need to have the ultimate bar full, it costs 0 action points smile
  • Posted on 20 August 18 at 21:52Permalink
    Ok so what button do you use or how do you. Select it? I am not seeing a prompt or anything anywhere..
  • Posted on 04 September 18 at 23:22Permalink
    It is pressing the LS button (stick) and the prompt is the character’s profile picture. There is a bluish bar that fills up to use the ability.
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