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European Exclusive Xbox 360 Sale Roundup

  • Posted on 21 August 18 at 09:45
    Rayman Origins for me. Picked up legends in the last ine for my daughter, but it was me who spend two weeks on it.
    Posted on 21 August 18 at 10:10
    It's the same games in rotation and I'm sick of it.....
    Posted on 21 August 18 at 10:38
    Agreed!! Same stuff week in week out zzzzzz Xbox one sales are much the same too
  • N30YRDN30YRD657,067
    Posted on 21 August 18 at 14:16
    I got soul suspect... Completed it on Xbox one... And thought why not... As I did enjoy it
  • Posted on 21 August 18 at 15:56
    £4.49 for Assassins Creed 1?! Come on! Why so much?

    Even Tomb Raider is cheaper at £1.99

    I have Assassins Creed on my shelf, but I am not paying £4.49 for the luxury of not needing to get up to put it in my console.
  • Tatl360Tatl360335,470
    Posted on 21 August 18 at 16:43
    Oh of course the largest than usual sale is because of the conference. laugh
  • Posted on 22 August 18 at 07:46
    Anyone know when this sale is on till?
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