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Buggy Achievements

  • Posted on 27 August 18 at 17:42Permalink
    This game seems to have more than its share of buggy achievements. I have experienced four, and I am not yet half way through the game. Several posts in the comments section of solutions, as well as the next most recent post in this forum, cite others. As I'm fairly new here, I was wondering how the TA admins determine when to tag an achievement bugged in the listing? I realize this game has been recently released, but it was also in Preview for over two years! How long do devs have to fix these kind of errors before getting the "bugged" tag? At any rate, here is the list (the first four I have personally experienced): The Importance of Not Being Seen, Cat Burglar, Shocking Biology, The Slaughterers Apprentice, Resistance is Futile, I Got Better, and Remember, Remember, Remember. Any others? Confirmations?
    Gordon Bennett (yeah, that's my real name)
  • Grimace221Grimace221823,875
    Posted on 05 September 18 at 16:46Permalink
    Hot on her heels also seems to be bugged. Based on the comments myself and at least one other have all the documents for a fact, and it didn't unlock.

    Also having issues with getting Gimme Shelter to unlock. The problem is, they are buggy for some, and not for others, which is odd.

    As for the achievements being buggy, it being in preview doesn't have much to do with it, as there were no achievements during the preview phase, though sadly this game does still seem to have it's share of bugs still that existed during preview, which is ridiculous to say the least.
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