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Information Posted on 28 August 18 at 16:51
Please use this thread to discuss the Shenmue II walkthrough
Rafael D Arroyo
Posted on 28 August 18 at 20:25
I have started work on a Shenmue II walkthrough, it should be a simple one since it isnt a hard completion, with only two achievements I would classify as higly missable.
If anyone has any sugestions or anything to add to the walkthrough Ill be checking this thread every now and then
Posted on 16 September 18 at 22:14
If you want help doing the walkthrough, especially fleshing it out perhaps for people who are interested in extra detail not directly related to achievements, QTE guides, Moves Scrolls locations etc let me know I'd be happy to help with off the straight and narrow walkthrough info.
Rafael D Arroyo
Posted on 27 November 18 at 12:50
The walkthrough is ready, waiting to be published, ShootZombies thx for the offer but this is my first walkthrough and I didnt even know how to go about including you in the walkthrough editing process, after it's published I would welcome a revision
Dang3R Gaming
Dang3R Gaming
Posted on 27 November 18 at 13:23
If someone wanted an editor, they would only have to contact their overseer or me to get it sorted. Walkthrough should hopefully be looked over soon by the oversee and be released if nothing is needing to be added.
Information Posted on 07 December 18 at 16:41
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Shenmue II Walkthrough
Posted on 06 January 19 at 22:22
The last action in the fight against Don Nui is cn_right cn_X+cn_A.
Not cn_left cn_X+cn_A.

Lost this a couple of times.
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