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Achievement - Efficient Operative not on site

  • wetwork Mwetwork M533,153
    Posted on 29 August 18 at 23:21Permalink
    Just popped this in game, came to site to post a solution and the achievement itself is not listed.

    Instead of registering "Efficient Operative" its has registered "No time wasted" in its place. Which I have not yet unlocked.

    Is there a procedure or process to follow to let admins know?

  • Posted on 30 August 18 at 00:22Permalink
    Should be fine if you just make this post in the bug forums, they'll see it there.
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  • Posted on 30 August 18 at 01:35Permalink
    Should be better now. That was a jumbled mess.
  • wetwork Mwetwork M533,153
    Posted on 30 August 18 at 01:40Permalink
    Thanks team. Ill know for next time to post in the bug forums instead.

    Appreciate the prompt fix !

  • Posted on 31 August 18 at 05:29Permalink
    The Emperor one doesn't show either
  • RedanianRedanian576,606
    Posted on 03 September 18 at 16:30Permalink
    I could be wrong, but I'm certain some of the achievements in the original list have disappeared and been replaced by others.

    Like, I'm positive there was an achievement to get all of the tarot cards, but it seems have been replaced by the Tough Choices one.
  • Posted on 04 September 18 at 17:34Permalink
    There was a major update after release that changed around a lot of things. I'll need more information than "The Emperor one doesn't show", as there's an "Emperor" achievement already:
    Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – MartyrThe Emperor's WrathThe The Emperor's Wrath achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr worth 75 pointsComplete 10 Investigations on the highest difficulty.

    Are there achievements missing? Is it tracking for the wrong thing?
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