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Does Anyone Play Prominence Poker Anymore: August 2018

E Joshua Miller
Posted on 30 August 18 at 02:44
Just like the title says, does anyone play this game anymore? I can usually get into a quick match when it comes to a ring game, but every time I try to do a tournament, there are never any found. I love poker, and I'd love to be able to play this more, but tough to do if no one is ever on.
E Joshua Miller
Christoph 5782
Posted on 03 September 18 at 14:42
Ranked is the only thing I can find a match for. Plus it gives you rewards at the end of each season which can boost your bankroll by 1.5 million each month
Let's Go!
Posted on 17 September 18 at 19:47
There are quite some people grinding out casual 100 head-to-head tournaments on the +50% exp days.
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