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5000 Zombie Kills Achievement

  • Kyle1810Kyle1810341,934
    Posted on 02 September 18 at 04:16Permalink
    I was using the tractor method to farm my last few hundred kills, and my game crashed with my achievement tracker at 97%. Now the tracker won't increase, stays at 97% and I've definitely passed 5000 kills by now. Hard reset won't work, power cycling (hard shut down and unplugging the power) doesn't work. I haven't resorted to a factory reset yet because I don't want to lose my save progress on any of my games. Anyone else experience this and know how to resolve it?
  • TheMaizeTheMaize1,218,441
    Posted on 02 September 18 at 04:54Permalink
    i dont have a solution for you. But i do know about another person with the same issue. So its not an isolated insidence. And propably something that will get patched at some point.

    Also..if you factory reset (that wont do anything in this case) You wont lose your saveprogress, as everything will have been saved in the cloud too, aslong as you have been online while playing.
    You can actually also do factory resets now, that dont even delete the games and gamedata on your console.
  • FranconianXFranconianX486,889
    Posted on 02 September 18 at 07:24Permalink
    I have a solution for you because I had the same problem yesterday!

    My game crashed at 98 % and the tracker did not move anymore, i started at about 70 %. The Problem is that the tracker progress is saved but the kills are not! So just do the tractor again, after about 2 hours the achievement popped.
  • Kyle1810Kyle1810341,934
    Posted on 02 September 18 at 10:31Permalink
    FranconianX - so even though the tracker doesn't record my kills anymore, the kills still count? Because I feel like I have way surpassed 5000 by now but still no achievement pop....
  • FranconianXFranconianX486,889
    Posted on 02 September 18 at 10:55, Edited on 02 September 18 at 10:57 by FranconianXPermalink
    Yes they do, all the kills you got until the crash happened are lost, but the Xbox tracker is not able to decrease. I lost about 2 hours progress, so I set up the tractor method again and exactly after 2 hours the achievement popped for me - and it will for you :)
  • Kyle1810Kyle1810341,934
    Posted on 02 September 18 at 12:25Permalink
    Just got it mate, thank you for your help :)
  • FranconianXFranconianX486,889
    Posted on 02 September 18 at 14:13Permalink
  • alandonovanalandonovan127,673
    Posted on 03 September 18 at 06:32Permalink
    Good to know that it’s recoverable.
  • Posted on 04 September 18 at 02:24Permalink
    What is the tractor method?
  • Razor8674Razor8674750,274
    Posted on 06 September 18 at 19:41Permalink
    Having some problem I am at 24% i do 3 mission counter wont move i reset the xbox waited a day nothing
  • Posted on 08 September 18 at 02:03Permalink
    Posted this as a comment for the top solution but figured I should post it here as well:

    Mine got stuck tracking at 63% and I am not sure if my kills are counting but not tracking or not counting towards it at all. Gonna idle farm some kills and see if it pops and post back here.

    Already re-downloaded my account and power cycled my Xbox so hoping it's just delayed.

    Edit: Posting for others who have had issues - got it 9/6/18 after doing what I said above as well as deleting the save and then downloading it from the cloud. Not sure if that fixed the tracking or if it was simply waiting the 72 hours for XBL to sync but it started tracking again and I was able to pop it. Unfortunately it did not count any kills after it stopped tracking so had to start from 63%.
    Posted on 09 September 18 at 17:57Permalink
    Happened to me as well, stopped tracking at 63%. Waited a few days, played again and it started tracking again. Can sell the disc now!
  • mattmosesmattmoses451,806
    Posted on 10 January 19 at 16:51Permalink
    Also been stuck on this one at 63% for about a week now. Deleted the game and recovered my profile and it still hasn't popped/continued to track. Definitely done more than 5K kills so this is frustrating! Anyone know a fix please hit me up.
  • I BloxI Blox741,792
    Posted on 27 January 19 at 08:47Permalink
    I have the same problem, the counter is blocked at 42% for several days. :/
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