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    Posted on 03 September 18 at 18:10
    Please use this thread to discuss the Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two walkthrough
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  • Yinga GartenYinga Garten2,350,752
    Posted on 13 February 19 at 13:49, Edited on 13 February 19 at 18:39 by Yinga Garten
    Thanks for the walkthrough. I'm currently using it and nearly done with Episode 2, seems like an efficient walkthrough and I'm sure I'll get the completion using it. I just have a few suggestions to make that could improve it:
    - More detail needed on the Finding the Hidden Heroes quest. You say to bring the pictures to Seth at the beginning of Episode 2, do I give him both sets? From looking at the achievements I decided just to give him the Oswald pictures for now. That needs clarification. EDIT: I see you've mentioned to hand both in further on, think the mention on the Episode 2 page needs to be edited.
    - Some of the Hidden Mickey's and Oswald's could do with a picture as I struggled to find them, especially the one in Disney Gulch on the floating rock and the one in OsTown on the back wall. I had to go to IGN (a terrible resource) to find a picture for those. Same for some finicky location pictures.
    - For Blot Alley you say to avoid being detected but don't tell the reader why. For that section I'd also recommend to hook up a second controller as the terrible Oswald AI will constantly get you detected.
    - Sometimes you are a bit vague with your instructions, more of a general observation. Personally this doesn't bother me too much but it might well annoy others. For instance with the Graveyard Puzzle in Bog Easy, you basically say 'solve it' without providing a solution.
    - The tracking for the Rogue Gallery achievement is completely off, which needs rectifying immediately. There are 12 enemies that you need to take pictures of, not 6. You also skip the 5th that you list. By photographing every enemy I got it halfway through the Floatyard with those robots with the spinning arms.

    I appreciate that this is an incredibly complex game and that you'll have spent a lot of time working this out, I just want to put these observations forward to potentially improve the walkthrough for the future. I'll edit this if anything else crops up during my playthrough.
  • HaztronauttHaztronautt448,334
    Posted on 09 May 20 at 13:38
    Finished the game following your walkthrough. Agree with some of Yinga's points, specifically the Rogue Gallery achievement, had to figure that one out for myself, not that it was particularly taxing to check the camera for a green retina on each enemy type. Would still recommend using the walkthrough if you want the 1k in minimal amount of time. Read it very carefully and take your time as this game is very specific around how you need do things !
  • Posted on 20 December 20 at 05:51, Edited on 20 December 20 at 06:31 by utter solitude
    Also here to echo that the Rogues Gallery achievement is wrong. There are 12 enemies to take photos of, not 6.

    ETA: this is super nitpicky, so sorry about that, but the "shields" on the projectors the guide refers to are film reels.
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