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Angel of Death

  • Posted on 04 September 18 at 07:00Permalink
    I've only achieved this bonus once over the past week, but have no idea how i did it. As this must be done 30 times for the achievement, what are the requirements to do so? Just curious cause it's driving me nuts trying to figre it out.
  • jackanapejackanape1,025,946
    Posted on 04 September 18 at 08:45Permalink
    This one is fairly luck based. You need to get three critical hits within three seconds. So better to wait until you level up and can then pump a load of skill points into the Critical and Close Combat skill trees (they both give bonuses to getting criticals) and also use gear that gives critical hit bonuses.

    Best way to try for it is to get a bunch of horde or melee enemies to swarm around you and then use an AOE attack and hope for multiple crits. Also, any of these you get in MP don't seem to count - as I had a couple therebut only the ones I got in SP moved the achievement tracker.

    Hope that helps.
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