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How is Return to Arkham compared to the originals?

  • tuhin94tuhin94461,775
    Posted on 05 September 18 at 04:15Permalink
    The original games are solid on a technical level and feel great to play. Is Return to Arkham the same all this time after release? I read online that it had a ton of technical issues on launch. I’m thinking about playing Return to Arkham sometime in the future, but only if they are technically sound like the originals.
  • Posted on 05 September 18 at 10:42Permalink
    I've started Return to Arkham and played the originals, I've not experienced any issues with either Return game so far, the only issue being not having time to play everything laugh
  • halohogghalohogg93,078
  • Posted on 05 September 18 at 13:41Permalink
    The technical Issues were on the PC version, not so much the console versions.
  • tuhin94tuhin94461,775
    Posted on 05 September 18 at 14:03Permalink
    Cool, thanks a bunch for the help, everyone :-) I’ll put it on my list for sometime in the future for when I’ll inevitably want to play those games again.
  • Posted on 06 September 18 at 01:40Permalink
    Yeah I completed both of these on Xbox One along with the originals on Xbox 360 and didn't experience any issues.
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