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    Posted on 07 September 18 at 16:56
    Please use this thread to discuss the Wailing Heights walkthrough
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  • SiegfriedXSiegfriedX5,109,671
    Posted on 27 September 18 at 22:01
    I could not get the Limericks achievement by following your guide. I had everyone except Spectra's, but it wasn't because I forgot, the game never gave me the option to ask her for one. Stupid glitchy game.
  • XpovosXpovos1,043,523
    Posted on 28 September 18 at 16:54
    I didn't get Spectra's in my original playthough (the one were I popped the achievement), so Spectra's is not specifically required for the achievement conditions. To get Spectra's limerick you have to ask her the first time you see her (in my WT it's the time when you're coming to get the printing press going.) If you wait until you come back to possess her, it probably won't work.

    I also see the achievement has popped for you. Was it just delayed/Done! Unlocking... or did you have to replay?
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  • Cookie KenkuCookie Kenku3,065,307
    Posted on 25 October 18 at 22:51
    Thanks for the guide but I had the same problem with limericks. Here's the developer's response from steam that helped me to unlock this achievement:

    "The idea behind the achievement is that you ask all round town for limericks, but the game only technically checks for a few. So when you unlock the ability to ask for limericks, make sure to ask the Receptionist in town hall as Soul, The minotaur cop in Police Station as Soul, the Zombie Shop keeper as Debbie, the zombie at the fountain as Soul and the performer in the Red Room upstairs in the Cremetary as Fangs, and the achievement should unlock."

    I am almost sure that it is Zombie Shop keeper you're missing in the guide.
  • XpovosXpovos1,043,523
    Posted on 26 October 18 at 01:14
    Thanks for the helpful feedback. I'll get that added.
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  • FiveWizzFiveWizz585,347
    Posted on 09 December 19 at 13:04, Edited on 09 December 19 at 13:17 by FiveWizz
    I'm finding the walkthrough really vague and confusing in Act 2. I'm currently trying to get the cell phone from the vampire outside the coffee shop and I just can't get it.

    You are suggesting I approach him as the Ghost version of Soul but that isn't getting him to part with the phone. Am I missing something?

    Edit: you need to be LOLA and talk to him first to exhaust all conversation options. Then come back to him as SOUL so that SoUL knows what the phone type is. He then puts it in the bin and you can collect it from the bin.

    I really appreciate your help and walkthrough but it is extremely vague in certain sections.

    Edit 2: At this stage of the walkthrough you should state explicitly what the 3 items are needed to possess Debbie. The Debbie Decay ticket , The Star and The Phone.
  • XpovosXpovos1,043,523
    Posted on 09 December 19 at 14:04
    Thanks for the feedback. I'll see what I can do to tighten that section up. I wanted even the walkthrough to be somewhat spoiler free so people can enjoy the story as much as possible, but if it's confusing, it definitely needs to be more explicit. I'll try to get your suggestions incorporated ASAP.
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  • FiveWizzFiveWizz585,347
    Posted on 09 December 19 at 15:58
    No worries at all mate I was going to guess that you were trying to make it spoiler free. That's how it seemed. But I think if people are coming for the walkthrough they already don't mind about spoilers or at least expect it. So I think rly make some parts more explicit.

    I found it quite glitchy at the end I had to restart act 3 , three times to get it to work properly. Bit of an oddity about the game.

    Also missed the Limerick one. Doh. I forgot to talk to the zombie store clerk about it.
  • FiveWizzFiveWizz585,347
    Posted on 10 December 19 at 11:56
    Additional Info: I also could not get a Limerick out of Spectra despite trying a few different angles. I'm just doing my 2nd attempt at limericks now so will let you know if I manage it without her.

    I missed the Theatre clerk last time so attempting to get all plus his to see if it pops.

    I recommend for the Walkthrough to add in an extra info Box just BEFORE attempting to find limericks telling the player to MAKE A MANUAL SAVE to come back to. I.e. Just after you get the MoonRock
  • XpovosXpovos1,043,523
    Posted on 10 December 19 at 14:55
    My recollection is that there are no save file slots so making a manual save won't do much good, except for people with access to functionality outside the Xbox. That may be a feature that's been added since launch, though, so I'll check it out. If save files are available, there are several areas that could benefit from them.
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  • FiveWizzFiveWizz585,347
    Posted on 11 December 19 at 10:14, Edited on 12 December 19 at 11:41 by FiveWizz
    Yep you can definitely make a manual save. Have been using it to work towards the Limerick achievement which I haven't completed yet. Luckily I had a manual save at the start of Act 2 so retrying the limerick achievement isn't too painful.

    Perhaps they added it at a later date :)

    Edit: Oddly. For some reason I was unable to make a manual save eventually while in Act 2. I know for sure I was able to do it earlier in the act. Confused now.
  • Northern LassNorthern Lass1,741,210
    Posted on 12 March 21 at 14:54
    Hi the walkthrough is missing that you need to use the special cup as protection to grab the moonrock from the machine.
  • XpovosXpovos1,043,523
    Posted on 12 March 21 at 15:09
    Thank you for the heads up, I'll review the section to see if I can make it clearer.
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