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Online achievements

  • Posted on 13 September 18 at 08:56Permalink

    it seems the online is pretty dead, anyone wants to tackle the online achievements?
    I'm usually free between 17-19 CET during weekdays, weekends sometimes earlier in the afternoon.
  • TexhnolyzedMechTexhnolyzedMech1,802,209
    Posted on 14 September 18 at 17:53Permalink
    I'm interested just message me when you're on dude.
  • buttmudBrooksbuttmudBrooks1,112,780
    Posted on 25 August 19 at 17:15Permalink
    Am I reading this right that there are 200 online races required for an achievement? It seems there's a minimum of 125 (25 of 5 disciplines) required. FML, I had enough trouble getting 10 races in Gravel.
    Always number 2.
  • Posted on 26 September 19 at 15:45Permalink
    Hey robbomac buying this game today im interested to boost them and anyone else message me on xbox live if you wanna boost them
  • Posted on 03 October 19 at 12:19Permalink
    Also looking for someone to boost with. Send me a message if you're up
  • Posted on 10 November 19 at 22:50Permalink
    I am looking for someone to help me finish off the 200 online races.I have done 148.
  • RobboMac94RobboMac94205,340
    Posted on 16 March 20 at 17:52Permalink
    I am looking to do all the online achievements so anyone who can help with any of them is much appreciated 👍🏻
  • DragframeDragframe343,337
    Posted on 04 May 20 at 02:32Permalink
    looking to boost v rally 4 online achievements, message if interested
  • PabloUK85PabloUK85531,319
    Posted on 04 May 20 at 15:17Permalink
    I may be interested in getting these done as well - feel free to check it out if you like football/soccer
  • Posted on 06 May 20 at 08:19Permalink
    I am looking for someone to help me finish off the 200 online races.I have done 148.
  • BenjiBurnBenjiBurn145,290 145,290 GamerScore
    Posted on 20 May 20 at 06:46Permalink
    Hi! I'm also looking for someone online.
    I'm playing almost every day between 12 and 5pm UTC
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