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Problem with Cosa Nostra

Arak TaiRoth
Arak TaiRoth
Posted on 13 September 18 at 21:12
I'm having a problem with the Cosa Nostra achievement. The last optional objective, get 3 people to pass the AGT program. I have 0 prisoners with an Alchohol need in the prison, and as such I believe 0 people attending the program. Is there anyway I can change this so I can get people through the program, or am I screwed and have to restart? If I do have to restart, anyway to surely avoid this issue in the future?
Posted on 15 January 19 at 23:58
I’m having the same problem. All the guides I find on YouTube are for PC, or they say you have to do something in the regime tab, but I don’t even have access to that! This tutorial is garbage and there are zero thorough walkthroughs online. Someone please help!
Posted on 28 February 19 at 01:45, Edited on 08 March 19 at 04:46 by Rossco7530
I'm just playing through this now. I believe it relates to how many prisoners you have - they can die during the earlier stages of the mission.
My first run only had 18 left (I left it sped up while I was building the kitchen and canteen and they died of starvation). Only 1 guy joined the Alcoholics Group Therapy.
2nd run I paused during the construction phases and was generally slower and more careful. Ended up with 75 prisoners and 6 who joined the program.
Another tip I've read is to cancel the Narcotics program once 3 people passed it and you've met that requirement.
Hope this helps!

Edit - This was suggested by BigWiIIieStyIe in a solution comment. Credit to them!
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