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  • MaxForce357MaxForce357124,651
    Posted on 14 July 10 at 04:17Permalink
    I am an achievement whore. I also like the challenge of subjecting myself to horrible games that should not be played by any gamer. I know what I'm getting myself into: work, not fun.

    Since Yaris was originally free, it means it can be traded freely like Dash of Destruction, Aegis Wing or demos from console to console without licensing restrictions.

    I was wondering if anyone would upload the Yaris game for me to download to a USB stick to put onto my console. Please?!
  • Posted on 14 July 10 at 04:55Permalink
    i don't think that'd work anyway, seeing as though you don't have the license.
  • MaxForce357MaxForce357124,651
    Posted on 14 July 10 at 06:20Permalink
    My friend who never connected to the internet could play my copy of Aegis Wing because it was free. Perhaps because my account was signed into on the same console while he played on his profile?
    Not sure, but I'd at least like to give Yaris a try.
  • Negative ZZNegative ZZ103,778
    Posted on 15 July 10 at 00:46, Edited on 15 July 10 at 00:47 by Negative ZZPermalink
    You have to either have

    A)The original gamertag that downloaded it
    B)The original Xbox it was downloaded to.

    What someone can do, is put Yaris on a USB stick, move their profile to that stick, then recover gamertag to their Xbox, and sign it into live. Then the profile on the USB stick can't go on live, but he can still use Yaris.
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    Perhaps you should just see a therapist instead! laugh
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    Why can't you buy the game anymore? Is it broken?

    PS Original Gamerpic Chase357. I've never seen anything like that before
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  • DimitriDimitri213,703
    Posted on 15 July 10 at 21:23Permalink
    ugh, you must be pretty bad to want to play that game, it is horrible. Anyway, I think your best bet would be to find someone with the game and take your gamertag on a memory card to their 360 and beat the game there.
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  • tractakidtractakid285,916
  • Posted on 15 July 10 at 22:44Permalink
    you can't download the game as it's been taken off of the marketplace. you can still download it if you have previously.
  • tractakidtractakid285,916
    Posted on 16 July 10 at 18:05Permalink
    I now have 95g on Yaris after downloading it and putting it on a USB stick.
  • Posted on 17 July 10 at 00:00Permalink
    tractakid said:

    Not tried this myself and I have no idea what Microsoft think... if it is perfectly fine to do this then I will as I wouldn't mind torturing myself also
    Yes, i've done it a few months ago to play Dash of Destruction... It worked perfectly... The fact is that, if you have the game on your console (but downloaded on another and from someone else), you would run the trial of that Arcade... But there's no trial of those games... So they work normally... and it's all legal 'cause they were/are free to download by everyone...
  • Posted on 17 August 10 at 22:51Permalink
    Looking to do 2 of the multiplayer achievements. Msg me if interested
  • Posted on 19 August 10 at 14:57Permalink
    Leo Ascendent add me i need the multiplayer achievements too
  • Posted on 24 August 10 at 02:43Permalink
    Is it even possible to do the multiplayer achievements for Yaris? I figure since it is offline now, there is no way to do xbox online games for multi. If so, I'd like to join that, I've had the game for who knows how long now and never got it finished.
  • Posted on 24 August 10 at 17:47Permalink
    nobody wants to play Yaris...its horrible...ROFL
  • Posted on 26 August 10 at 16:40Permalink
    lol I completely agree with that statement, horrible game. Though, I mean if it would be possible to finish it, I'd love to get the achievements.
  • Posted on 26 August 10 at 18:48Permalink
    i wnat to get these achievements. i havnt check to se if you can still play online.add me if you want to get these done and if you can still play online
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 09 September 10 at 13:39Permalink
    The download listed above works perfectly. I put Yaris in last night and claimed 6 achievements after painfully completing all 8 tracks (gathering all weapons). The reviews are right in that this is a painful experience, but mostly because of goofy controls and poor design.
  • MaxForce357MaxForce357124,651
    Posted on 02 January 14 at 19:56Permalink
    Glad everyone thinks I'm crazy. laugh I'm just really addicted to unlocking achievements (big shocker as a TA'er, right?) and getting free XBLA games, as well as avatar freebies. Anyone want to "Copy" Yaris from the Hard Drive to a USB stick and mail it to me? I'll pay ya!
  • QuickMythrilQuickMythril732,710
    Posted on 17 March 16 at 03:56Permalink
    a small few xbla are totally DRM-free files, which means there is no license that has to match up to your profile or console. they cannot tell if you copied it from someone else's usb drive, bought the xbox with the game on there, or downloaded it from the internet. aegis wing and hexic were also like this, but they can still be downloaded. also totemball for xbox live vision cam.
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