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Tips for different weapon combo achievements

Johnny Sinister
Posted on 18 September 18 at 20:21
'I AM CULLY' has done a good job posting solutions for all of the achievements that relate to weapon combos. I didn't want to make duplicate solutions or spam all of his solutions with comments, so I decided to add this here.

There is a bit of luck and quite a bit of grinding required to get all of these achievements, but using the following tips will help you out.

1.) Browse through the solutions and make a list of the combos you need. You don't want to miss a chance of getting an achievement because you didn't realize you had a match.

2.) Unlock all the characters. Each character has a specific starting weapon. If you are going for an achievement that requires a laser, you can save yourself time by selecting the Version that starts with it. I have posted a couple of solutions on some of the versions on how to unlock them.

3.) Check your lists of unlocked Modules. You don't want to spend time on an achievement hoping to find a certain shot type (i.e triple back) if you haven't unlocked it yet.

4.) MOST IMPORTANT! Whenever you unlock a new module at the end of a run (awarded module, not purchased) it will ALWAYS appear as the first module orb you pick up on your next run. For example, when you unlock Quadruple Back, you know that you will see it at the beginning of your next run. Knowing that you need Laser + Quadruple Back for an achievement, be sure to select the Version that starts with Laser as your Version. Easy Peasy.

5.) Distance/rate types seem to be specific. For instance, if an achievement combination requires Short/Average, then you need Short/Average (Not Short/Fast or Long/Average). If it is the only piece to the combination you are missing, definitely take a moment to try out potential combos but don't expect it to work.

6.) Attribute effects don't matter. For example, if you need the Alfa for an achievement, it doesn't matter if it is 'Alfa' or 'Alfa D+P--'.

7.) Early on, new modules seem to be awarded somewhat regularly, regardless of how well you play. Eventually, you will have to complete an entire run to unlock a new module. Not sure if the unlock rate is random or pre-determined, but I didn't unlock Quadruple Back until the very end. I had to beat the game about 20 times to get it.

8.) You can use your coins to unlock certain modules. Some of the modules, like variations of distance/rate types or weapons types can increase the chances of you meeting a certain requirement. However, some modules don't have variations an cannot be purchased in this way. Keep in mind that the more modules you purchase, the bigger the pool of possible modules. Thus, making it potentially less likely to find the one you are looking for in the game.

9.) You can play through the game normally and pick up all the module orbs along the way. If you get to the final level and you are only 1 module away from one or more matches, just keep replaying the last level until you find what you are looking for. The last level is best suited for this anyways, as it is the least randomly generated map in the game. It is always the same with the exception of the Xp and module rooms. Just run in a circle around the border of the level until you find the module room. If the latest module is not one you need, exit to menu and then select continue (do not accidently select 'replay' as it will restart you from the beginning without as much as a warning text).

Best of luck!
Failure Online
Posted on 27 April 19 at 08:31
If you die but don't want the run to end, just dashboard, then come back and select continue. You will start that level over, but it is usually better than starting the whole run over.
Johnny Sinister
Posted on 02 May 19 at 06:40
Failure Online said:
If you die but don't want the run to end, just dashboard, then come back and select continue. You will start that level over, but it is usually better than starting the whole run over.
Good tip for those going for the completion. Gotta love games that let you beat the system like that. Work smarter, not harder.
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