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Exalted Achievement Questions

Posted on 25 October 18 at 23:35
With the update, this achievement is now much, much harder. You'll have to Dragon's Eye the same baby dragon several times if you want it to still be one shotted by Ubastet. A cheer to Gems of War devs if they can strip the achievement from those that got it before it became nearly impossible to get.
Yeah, the team I came up with of

Lady Morana
Dragon's Eye (Titan)

Is still about the same hit or miss. But at least Faunessa can do more damage to the baby dragons. Plus the RNG was so bad for me, I was constantly hitting the same baby dragon over and over with Dragon's Eye before the update, so it's not like much has changed. What I have noticed though, is that when I hit the same baby dragon, it just becomes the same baby dragon, so if i've done damage to it, all i'm doing is refilling it's health and armor. But if it uses its skill and changes into a different dragon, that I hit with Dragon's Eye, is becomes a weaker baby dragon the what it was originally.

It's still a pain in ass since you can't one shot them anymore though. Because now I can't remove it from the enemy team quick enough so that Dragons Eye doesn't select it again.
Maw N Paw
Maw N Paw
Posted on 26 October 18 at 09:46
I'm just going to keep doing the daily delves and saving up my gold while I grind to level 1000. Maybe by the time I reach level 1000 I'll have a team capable of doing a delve and there may be more choices available by then, who knows?
Ank 1
Ank 1
Posted on 26 October 18 at 10:44
Just use a team based round Mang.

I'm using.

Mang hero class titan.
Keeper of souls.
can't remember, think it apocathery.
Boar rider.

Only level 330 but it's not looking difficult at the moment.

My hoard level is 133.
Posted on 26 October 18 at 10:45, Edited on 26 October 18 at 10:46 by MikeBut
Two days in delves and I earned 350 fragments or whatever the fuck they are called. The best I got was blue hoard cards. At this rate it will take a year and a half and it means the 610 hours I have put into this game prior mean absolutely nothing. I don't really enjoy this anymore.
Posted on 26 October 18 at 10:47
Yes, Mang is what I'm going for now as well. Got something slightly different in mind though...
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Maw N Paw
Maw N Paw
Posted on 26 October 18 at 11:01
My setup is currently:

Mang (maxed out)
Acolyte (level 20, full traited)
Gloom Leaf (which will need replacing as he isn't effective anymore)
Xathenos (level 20, no traits) - surprisingly effective when stealing magic and if I lose another troop, has a fairly high success rate of giving me another fodder troop).
Posted on 26 October 18 at 19:03
Darn, had just made it to 400 and was making steady progress until the update, now stuck. I really can't see why anyone in their right mind would ever spend real money on this game knowing full well that whatever you spend it on may be useless after an update.

Will have to figure out another team but I can attest to the usefulness of Xathenos. Have used him for a while for the delves and the pet rescues and his magic/life steal is very useful against OP troops. I've had my first 3 troops wiped out in short order and had Xathenos single handedly clear the 4 opponents many times.
Posted on 26 October 18 at 21:59, Edited on 26 October 18 at 22:27 by Awoo
Dragonguard Champion level 100 with the following talent setup: 2-1-2-1-3-3-1
Keeper of Souls
Divinia, fully traited
Infernus, fully traited

You might think Titan would be better, but no no. The final Dragonguard talent triples skull damage against burning enemies. Infernus' third trait burns all enemies on 4/5-gem matches. Use Mang once, and then you'll immediately be hitting for like 800 damage with your triple burn boost.

Divinia's third trait gives an ally a random positive status effect on 4/5-gem matches. This is insanely powerful, as it includes both Enchant and Barrier. Her power is also extremely good, and if it's just her and Infernus left on the field, those two alone can easily whittle down an entire enemy delve team by themselves since they both explode the board and feed each other mana.

Finally, Keeper of Soul's power should be saved when it's ready for when you've Mang'd up and can make some 4/5-matches with your spawned skulls, often wiping out the entire enemy team at once.

I beat 400, 410 and 420 back to back with this, no problems at all. Yes, getting a class to 100 champion level is very very boring, and you may not have Infernus, but if you have the ingredients required, this is one hell of a fucking stew.

Awoo playing Gems of War

Note, of course, that this would totally work with a Titan as well. You'd lose out on the free triple damage, but gain an easy refill barrier and explodey yellows. In that case you could switch Infernus for whatever troop you please.
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Panthera onca
Panthera onca
Posted on 27 October 18 at 02:03
A week and half of trying for the level 500 faction delve and I only made it to the 3rd battle once. This is zero fun now! I'm putting it on the back-burner. I think I'll start grinding souls to get Dawnbringer. At least you always make forward progress with that.

I've been using 4 Lady Moranas (Mythic) at horde level 157. The 2nd and 3rd battles still have too many troops that one-shot these.
Posted on 27 October 18 at 03:54
Thats a pretty nice set-up Awoo, unfortunatley i havent had Infernus drop yet and lack the resources too craft him this week. I really should work on level 100 Titan soon.
Posted on 27 October 18 at 11:16
Next update:

Mang isn't working as we designed so we've retooled it to only reduce half the shield. And it no longer adds to your attack. Enjoy! Here's 25 gems to make up up for the "balance"...
Posted on 27 October 18 at 14:54
The only way apart from luck to win Level 500 with Faction Troops is to get to Level 999 horde level. It's impossible.
Posted on 27 October 18 at 19:13
I find it funny that when using Mang on the higher level delves (which is working much better than Dragon's Eye now), is that your attack maxes out at 1000. Still more than enough to 1 hit anything even with full shields, but still, can't believe that attack actually has a max value.
Posted on 27 October 18 at 19:16
Yeah, I found that out back when I was cheesing stuff with Venoxia. Health, armor and attack all max at 1000 (not 999 for some reason), not sure about magic.
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Maw N Paw
Maw N Paw
Posted on 29 October 18 at 13:50
That's a sick setup Awoo. Thanks for sharing the info. I'm going to attempt it replicate it myself but I might keep Xathenos handy as he can respawn a lot of fodder if I lose one somewhere along the lines.
Posted on 02 November 18 at 05:40
This setup only works in Yellow, but it is an alternate theory. I'm at 490 now (and NOT looking forward to the faction team grind... blech) But...

Champion of Anu
Euralyi (sp? The naga mythic)
Dragon's Eye with level 70+ bard

Scorp & Euralyi can team up for a healthy double kill on most enemies. Anu can tactically silence, Dragon's Eye got nerfed hard but it's still the most useful weapon you can use perhaps outside of Mang (I haven't tested Mang post nerf...) And you gain 2 to 3 stats a turn.

I also play Bard for my hero, so he enchants on Green matches, which is important because it's hard to trigger his gem collection any other way with Scorpius demanding so much (and adds to the stat boosts). Plus his half mana start & random benefit at the beginning of the game doesn't hurt either.

Would love some feedback on how to do this with the faction team...
Posted on 02 November 18 at 18:11
Finally got my titan class to 40 and it helped a lot, I cleared all 3 delves today, 2 with no casualties and I'm up to lvl 480 now. The team I'm using is as follows with horde lvl 178

Mang(titan class lvl 40 fully traited)
The Dragon Soul (fully traited)
Kerberos (no traits yet)
Xanthenos (fully traited)

For titan class make sure that in addition to the barrier perk, also pick the dust storm perk to increase the likelihood of getting brown gems to drop.

Soon will be working on the faction team clear hopefully, so looking for ideas for team composition for that if anyone has any experience.
Posted on 03 November 18 at 06:35
Larvi said:
Soon will be working on the faction team clear hopefully, so looking for ideas for team composition for that if anyone has any experience.
My recommendations:

Crypt Keepers :
Lady Morana
Lady Morana
Lady Morana
Grave Seer
Banner of Scales (+R, +Bl) or any banner with +2R or +2Bl without any minuses to Red or Blue

Grave Seer is recommended for the 2nd room when there is a limited amount of purples to help with Lady M's instant kills. Grave Seer can also stop enemy Spectral Knights from getting a nasty alignment from their Grave Seers. While Grave Seer typically enchants itself, once it gets hit by something, the enchant will most likely go to one of the other Lady Ms. The only other real option is 4x Lady Morana, which I don't think is great since the 4th Lady Morana won't be doing anything for most of the game.

There is a helpful glitch currently where Spectral Knights does not do double damage on status effects (including enchant). However, some people seem to love Spectral Knight, so its already known by the devs and its getting fixed in 4.2.

Get the Delve 500 faction team wins done while you still can. I did it without this glitch, but SK hitting for 2x didn't help.

All Seeing Eye:
Ocularen Leech
Watch Mother
Ocularen Banner (+2Gr, +Bl, -1Br) (would prefer a +2Gr, +R if it becomes a thing)

Ocularen Leech does all of the damage by stealing their attack and skulling the stuffing out of them. Ocularen can help refill Leech, self-loop etc.

O.Leech and Ocularen can be respawned, but not Xerodar so you have to be more careful with Xerodar despite that 3rd trait.

Xerodar is quite useful in setting up a burst of skull damage, if you have a good alignment or a clean board that won't backfire. Takes practice to get used to that.

Watch Mother is the weak link of the team, but can also resummon, which is necessary to make progress with this faction.

Worth noting is that this faction actually 3 pets that apply bonuses to it.

The faction pet: 6 magic, 6 health at Legendary
Trogpole: 9 attack, 12 armor at Mythic
Marlet: 3 magic, 6 life, 6 armor at Legendary

Its pretty beneficial to run 4 unique troops in this faction. 9 magic is about 100 hoard levels worth of treasure.

Hall of Guardians
Silent Sentinel
Ethereal Sentry
Arcane Golem
Guardian Banner (+2Y, +Br, -Gr), I'd prefer a +2Br, +Y banner, but I'll settle for now

While I'm not 100% confident on how I'd run this faction, this is probably the way I'd go. Ethereal Sentry does a great job buffing an ally's attack provided they aren't hit with a skull from the get-go. Arcane Golem can randomly stun something to take off any reduce damage from skull traits the opponent may have. Gargoyle is in last to protect from enemy Gargoyle casts which hit like a monster truck. That leaves Silent Sentinel. In most cases on lower floors, it'd do wonders. On the upper ones, I'm not sure, but what else would you put up front? At least the silencing an enemy on receiving a skull hit does something and enchanting all allies if an enemy is silenced is quite big. The biggest downside of this faction is the enemy Gargoyle just hits way too hard. Also, Ethereal Sentry buffs based on allied armor, but nothing in the faction gains armor, meaning once the armor is gone, so is the ES's value.

Running 4 of the faction troop adds a whopping 15 life and 15 armor when the faction pet is mythic. 14 and 14 when the faction pet is legendary. There's no Whitehelm or Construct pet yet, sadly.

Sea of Sorrow
Sea Witch
The Deep King
The Deep King
Frozen Banner (+2Bl, +P, +R) is preferred. The faction banner Sorrowful Banner is just ok. (+2Bl, +Br, -Y)

The only other variation I'd consider is 2x Sea Witch, 2x The Deep King, but anyone knows, random skull falls happen all the time, and SW is too fragile to withstand random drops.

Hammerclaw sits there and is immune to entangle and has 50% skull reduction. Its explosion to a row or column is very tricky to use, but can be useful sometimes.

Sea Witch powers the team entirely. She gives Enrage to Hammerclaw to punch through things and just feeds the entire team when things go great. That's why I'm going with the Frozen Banner, because the faster she fills, the faster everyone else is filled. She spams enough Blue and Browns that you don't need extra Brown mana to fill anything quickly.

The Deep King's 3rd trait provides a lot of attack on 4/5 match, which Sea Witch will happily set up. So much so that enraged skull bashing is probably the most reliable way to win on upper delve levels.

The Deep King's spell is strong when the enemy has relatively similar amount of HP. It falls behind when the AI starts gaining way more HP than it can cast for, with the biggest downside is giving up your turn on cast and letting the AI grab mana of any kind.

Mershark, while being the team's only way to focus fire, is also really worthless. TDK's 3rd trait outvalues Mershark's contribution.

The faction and team bonuses are also not worth much here, so using 4 unique faction troops isn't worth it.

Sadly, without a way to focus fire a target quickly with good damage, anything that's not in the 1st slot tends to demolish this team, including the likes of Rock Worm or Dwarves. Its an uphill struggle.

If there's any other questions, I'll see if I can answer it.
Posted on 03 November 18 at 14:24
That's great, let's make this retarded bullshit achievement even harder. These developers can go to hell.

I've been doing some 3x Morana + Grave Keeper runs at hoard level 121, and I think it's technically possible to win, just extremely unlikely. I've gotten out of battle 1 a few times, but the second fight is next to impossible depending on what the enemy team is. The Spectral Knight fix shouldn't have a huge impact since it's actually sort of rare that they have time to cause a status effect with Nightshade before you snipe the Knight. It will probably affect battle 3 more, but as far as I'm concerned, that battle may as well not exist right now. I'm probably just gonna grind chaos shards during events and use my daily delves for faction runs until I finally get it.

I think, maybe with the exception of the rings achievement in Neverwinter, that this is easily the most fucked up, inhumane piece of shit achievement ever introduced to a f2p on Xbox. The amount of randomness at work is so fucking absurd that it's not even funny. Oh, you wanna grind hoard levels? Well let's make your delve chest quality random, then let's make it so the amount of chaos shards you get from it is random regardless, then let's make it so the majority of the time you just get a bunch of useless faction troops out of them anyway. Then let's make the second battle matchup random, and let's make the only viable way to win also completely down to luck. Absolutely disgusting.

It would be one thing if you could just buy chaos shards with gems or something (outside of shitty faction events), but the way they've set this up, with extremely limited delve opportunities per day, a 100% luck based progression system and this completely unnecessary faction troop requirement for renown, it's just the complete opposite of fun. Never have I as a player felt so hated by a developer, and rarely have I ever seen such exploitative, backwards ass game design.
What can change the nature of a man?
Posted on 03 November 18 at 15:40
Must agree with Awoo on this. I've gotten beaten Delve 500 on Crypt Keepers with the non-faction team and did it with no deaths. So all that's left is to do it with the faction team. I've tried about 10 times now. And 50% of the time I get out of Battle 1 and when I do make out of Battle 1, 50% of that time I still have all 4 troops. I always lose the Grave Seer first, the Spectral Knight focuses on him, and board just doesn't seem to drop red or blue gems, but there is a ton of green and brown, which when I was running the non-faction team, brown was the rarity.

But I have yet to survive battle 2. And Lady Morana's ability never seems to work for me. Regardless of how many purple gems are on the board. So I am stuck whittling away at their shields and health, while my team is taken out in 3 hits one by one.

Doing it with the faction team, all comes down to dumb luck and the only way I can see you having a chance when luck is not on your side is if your Horde Level was over 500. But the problem with that is the lack of quality treasure troops you can get from the portals, and the lack of shards you can get from a delve as like Awoo said, regardless of your chest level at the end its always a random amount of shards, if you get shards at all. I've opened a number of chests at the end to only get ingots, souls, and gold, and no shards at all. Plus when I do use the shards, I can get Purses and Rings all day long, but they don't give shit for XP to the horde level, and dropping 5 of them into it to not even see it go up 1 level, for 150K+ gold each time, is not worth it.

The limit only being able to do 3 delves a day for this new area is messed up. If you are going to make this achievement so freaking grindy then allow it to be grinded. Don't limit how many delves we can do, just let us keep doing them.

I figure i'll use 1 Delve a day now and try my luck and the other 2 on one of the others to farm for shards.
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