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No connection to XBL - Server Down?

Chris Hirschy
Chris Hirschy
Posted on 19 September 18 at 11:31, Edited on 19 September 18 at 13:35 by Chris Hirschy
When I start the game, a game intern message shows up, that there's no connection to xbox live. But i was conncected with XBL, and i tried it via 360 and One, unfortunately the same message appeared. And i'm the only person who got this error, several friends of me who plays Halo 4 too , got the same problem.

Does anybody knows more about this "problem"?
I reckon that the servers are temporary down.

I keep an eye on this official halo 4 support Forum
Posted on 19 September 18 at 13:42
This is happening to Reach too. The legacy servers are having more and more problems according to 343
Wake me, when you need me.
Posted on 20 September 18 at 13:56
Forums indicate these servers are up and running again
Sky OO6
Posted on 25 September 18 at 17:05
There is a slightly annoying error that I will explain below but the servers still work.
When doing Matchmaking the server does not respond and disconnects you, if you press Start and go to the Network section you will notice that it says * My Xbox 360 *, apparently it expels you from playing online and lets you play can change this option to * Xbox Live or My Xbox live Party but the problem will continue to insist.
The only solution is to restart the game; that is, go to the X360 interface or close the game on your X1, depending on where you play.

If there are people in boosting for sure they will enter this forum to inform themselves, so if one of the players has the problem of being disconnected, he will not let anyone from the whole group perform matchmaking.
It is completely strange since it is random whoever is ejected from playing in online mode.

Hopefully soon 343 solve this, is a good game and despite being very old there are many active players. wave
Sabin VII
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