Game Discussion: The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Please sign petion if your intrested

  • ComboChristComboChrist712,377
    Posted on 24 September 18 at 23:45Permalink
  • Posted on 25 September 18 at 04:01Permalink
    thank you for that news sounds great to me.Cant stand the people that hate the games etc,I think all there all there games are really good that i have
  • Posted on 26 September 18 at 17:49Permalink
    Thumb up. :) you're welcome and any time. I really likes all there game are good that I have played ever. toast
  • Posted on 29 September 18 at 11:54, Edited on 29 September 18 at 11:57 by XSniperNinjaXPermalink
    Hi i was just thinking why cant Square Enix Help or jump in etc.AS they have made life is Strange games and the Drawings look 90 percent the same.I whish some would someone help save this company its a shame there gone :(
  • Posted on 11 October 18 at 03:23Permalink
    They don't own the ip, so technically the publisher could get other companies to carry the torch.
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