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Tough Choices - Current Status

  • Blessed EmotBlessed Emot819,557
    Posted on 26 September 18 at 13:15Permalink
    Apologies if this has already been discussed but I did not see a forum thread about it. As far as I can tell this appears to be the only achievement that no one has unlocked yet. I really want to get this game, but I wanted to see if someone had information about the current status of this achievement. Is it glitched? Unobtainable? Really, really, really hard to unlock? Not available yet due to unreleased content? If anyone had more information that would be appreciated.

  • Necromorph11Necromorph11814,324
    Posted on 26 September 18 at 14:03, Edited on 26 September 18 at 14:04 by Necromorph11Permalink
    this: Not available yet due to unreleased content. there aren't enough moral choices in the game atm to max out a morality.i've heard you can get very little morality points through priority assignments but its extremely rare and you get only 1 new assignment per day, so its technically obtainable but i wouldn't recommend grinding it out.
  • FlabyoFlabyo276,422
    Posted on 28 September 18 at 08:25Permalink
    Yeah, this feels like one that will not be obtainable until a second 'season' of content drops. Whenever that is.
  • jackanapejackanape1,025,946
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 08:16Permalink
    TBH I've only ever had a morality choice from a priority assignment in the very first week the game came out. Not had a single one since the first patch and I'm sure I read somewhere that they were broken at the moment and EVERY priority assignment was meant to give some kind of choice.

    Bit annoying as I've done everything else, but we'll just have to wait and see.
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