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Cloud Save won't save progress

xX Maxxter Xx
xX Maxxter Xx
Posted on 27 September 18 at 13:13
My Game wont save any progress I make.
Every time I start up the game it starts right where I was when I loaded it up in the cloud. Mission 6 with 19 of 89 collectibles.
Yesterday I played up to Mission 8 with 42 of 89 collectibles.
Today I can't even select "continue" and when I select a mission it says my save in Mission 8 will be erased. But I can only select missions 1 to 6. And my collectibles are at 19 again.
Posted on 13 December 18 at 18:57
Couple questions:

Are you playing a digital or physical copy?

Are you playing on the 360 or on the XB1 through Backwards Compatibility?

Did you quit to main menu and dashboard before turning off your console or switching games?

It sounds like the previous save didn't sync correctly, which usually occurs in my experience when the game is switched to another game while it is still running or the console is shutoff while the game is still running (especially if saving at any point).

One idea, to be used at your own discretion and with caution, is to try to copy/move whatever save is on the cloud to a local storage device. Then delete the cloud save and either try to allow it to resync, or copy the save back from the local device to the cloud.
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