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If Not GTA VI, What Will Rockstar’s Next Game Be?

  • Posted on 01 October 18 at 04:25, Edited on 01 October 18 at 04:55 by Unpredictable DPermalink
    midnight club and table tennis that if I remember well was my first 360 game headspin
    audiosurf for xbox, please !
  • ParadoxReal8ParadoxReal8726,328
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 04:33, Edited on 01 October 18 at 04:38 by ParadoxReal8Permalink
    Is this so hard to understand that I don't encourage that kind of moves between franchises? Or you just wanted to remind my comment to everyone that read it without saying anything about it? Honestly, I don't see the point... Sorry buddy roll

    For me, ultimate edition or pre-order bonuses are suppose to be there as add-on to the actual game to thank those who are ready to pay extra for it. If they start with this, I'm sure there will be more moves like that in the future like loot boxes that everyone love so much.

    I had read a few interviews on some site where they say they don't think it will sell as well as GTA 5. When I completed red dead redemption 1, I really thought this game was above GTA by far. Hell, I even lost my save at a point and I did everything anew for one specific achievement and I didn't care much because that story is just a perfect depiction of my idea of the far west. Maybe the Zombie extension was a bit too much to follow the trend but still very good. So, that's a bit sad they don't have as much trust in this franchise as that.

    I'm still very interested in the game but I don't care waiting and I just hope they don't transform Red Dead online in another GTA online.

    At least, I took the time to tell my own point of view about this and even if you don't share it, thanks for respecting mine.

    Twinkling82 said:
    ParadoxReal8 said:
    First time I see they give something with a game that has nothing to do with the actual game and honestly that turn me off for my pre-order. We can be interresting in Red Dead 2 without being interrested in GTA online or 5 so why giving me 2 million$ They already sent this by mail way before the release and i was so piss off that I cancel. GTA4 was already so hard and long to completed to bother with another and i won't encourage that kind of add between differents games just to publicise GTA.
    Let me get this straight.

    You pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption 2, and Rockstar Games sends you 2 million in game bucks for GTA Online, and because of that you decided to cancel the pre-order?
  • AKfoy0faceAKfoy0face515,927
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 04:34Permalink
    They make a boat load of money off GTA of course there will be another but not for a few years probably
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant477,860
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 05:06Permalink
    @Paradox, of course it won’t sell as much as GTA V. That game broke records. No one is expecting it to match it but it will be a commercial success.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 01 October 18 at 05:16Permalink
    i would like to see a new IP which is story selected and not free roam

    but after all the money they made on GTA 5 with all the online purchase's i think they will just play it safe and just make another one after they milk out red dead 2
  • RedDeadKBIIRedDeadKBII307,613
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 05:50Permalink
    Most likely a new IP, but I’d welcome additions to Max Payne and LA Noire.
  • GiinceeGiincee379,259
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 05:50Permalink
    leventdepevent said:
    Table tennis 2 lol
    That's what I also wanted to post laugh
  • Joe CobraJoe Cobra418,250
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 06:34, Edited on 01 October 18 at 06:34 by Joe CobraPermalink
    its time we got some more max payne.

    its been way too long please give the fans want we want.

    a max payne trilogy makeover would be great and a max payne 4 would be the icing on the cake headspin
  • upsonmatthewupsonmatthew377,862
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 06:46Permalink
    Smuggler's Run 3.
  • MightygilMightygil274,110
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 07:10Permalink
    Bully 2 please. My all-time favourite game from Rockstar
  • Posted on 01 October 18 at 08:09Permalink
    OMG Red Dead 2 isn't even out yet and we are already thing of the next game lets enjoy rdr 2 first
  • N7 TiggerN7 Tigger475,300
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 08:26Permalink
    I predict it will be some piece of shit "games as a service" that I will never play.
  • Posted on 01 October 18 at 10:35Permalink
    Knoell said:
    xxxxPRODIGYxxxx said:
    Neither Red Dead 2 or GTA VI have been released yet. GTA may not be out for years, so I don't see the point in theorizing yet. Way too premature
    Red Dead 2 is all but finished, and GTA VI is likely being diligently worked on. You better bet Rockstar is definitely thinking what's next and making preliminary plans so I don't see the speculation as premature.

    I don't believe they can make another Bully in this political climate as much as I want a sequel. They have never shied away from controversy but this may be too big even for them.

    I would bet on new IP or LA Noire.
    In this political climate? lol I don't think Rockstar gives a shit about that. GTAV had everything from torture to sex crime. The extremes of everything were present and on display.
  • HQAZEHQAZE320,371
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 11:11Permalink
    Gta 3 remastered laughfacepalm
  • HeStAr69HeStAr69384,946
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 11:46Permalink
    The agent finally sees the light of day on Ps5/Xbox 2 X or whatever it's called
  • SashamorningSashamorning1,805,444
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 12:06Permalink
    Air Hockey, although I doubt they could ever make it as nuanced as Table Tennis is.
    Brevity is the soul of wit. ~W.S. / I guess I'm not witty. ~Sasha
  • halohogghalohogg97,541
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 12:51Permalink
    New IP please. I loved the GTA and RDR series. Never played Max, Bully or Noire. R* could break new ground into the Puzzle-Horror genre. Think Portal meets Dead Space. You heard it hear first R*.
  • Posted on 01 October 18 at 13:13Permalink
    Based on their previous game launches, we'll likely see 1 or 2 games before the next GTA. I'd love to see a new Noire game or new one-off IP, unlikely to see a new Max Payne or Midnight Club. As for GTA VI, possibly within the first 2 years of next-gen, 2020-2021 (assuming next-gen starts around this time next year)..
  • napoearthnapoearth705,067
    Posted on 01 October 18 at 13:24, Edited on 01 October 18 at 13:27 by napoearthPermalink
    You seem to have changed the question between the title and the actual article. The title of the article asks "If Not GTA VI, What will Rockstar's Next Game Be?" then in the article, you assume that GTA VI is next and ask what will be after that.

    That being said, I don't think Bully really lends itself to a sequel, I think a new IP or finally releasing Agent is most likely.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 01 October 18 at 13:27Permalink
    Bring back Smugglers Run.
    Obtained the shadows rushed me.
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