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Easiest Xbox Achievement Lists from September 2018

  • NO1KEVNO1KEV2,287,356
    Posted on 02 October 18 at 19:24
    I think I'm getting old, I refuse to pay £20 for transference for an hour 1000gs. It's just whoever has an endless pit of money can have 400-500k gs with no skill at all.
    Posted on 02 October 18 at 19:25
    Advanced players shouldn't have a problem but League of Evil will test the average gamer's skills. Just a heads up. Don't think you're getting a Jack and Jill level game or anything like that...
  • Posted on 03 October 18 at 21:18
    The only thing better than this list, is that recommendation for eternal sunshine.
  • Mental Knight 5Mental Knight 52,169,577
    Posted on 03 October 18 at 21:46
    Not a Vitamin said:
    sabby boy said:
    LuckyConquerer2 said:
    Never heard of the Elijah Wood film but surely LOTR is the recommendation?
    I think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of the greatest films ever made. Top 3 for me.
    I'd agree with that. Fantastic movie.
    It's literally my #1.
  • YutaniYutani595,403
    Posted on 04 October 18 at 15:41
    Picked up FullBlast and Jack N' Jill DX. Thank you.

    Jack N' Jill DX is on sale right now, 20% off.
  • Dresden N7Dresden N7498,425
    Posted on 04 October 18 at 18:10, Edited on 04 October 18 at 18:11 by Dresden N7
    With all this talk about Elijah Wood and it being October/Halloween season, I heartily recommend this animated miniseries for all ages: Over the Garden Wall.
  • Posted on 04 October 18 at 20:00
    Hellgate Aeon said:
    Nailes jack n jill in 13 minutes. This is absurd easy
    I had heard about the time of copletacion, I thought it was a joke.
    Sabin VII
  • neeker75neeker751,341,396
    Posted on 05 October 18 at 09:08
    I'm surprised that Capcom Beat Them Up Bundle isn't in the list. It's really easy. You just have to complete all the games once with unlimited continues. Use continue once. Die once. And play all games online once (you can join, and quit immediately to make it count).
  • Mystic MoshMystic Mosh278,361
    Posted on 06 October 18 at 13:48, Edited on 06 October 18 at 13:52 by Mystic Mosh
    Knocked out Jack n' Jill in 10 minutes and Full Blast in around 19 mins!.
  • Posted on 07 October 18 at 23:11
    I can't believe how easy Jack and Jill was. Completed while cooking dinner lol
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