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Xbox One Sale Roundup: October 2nd, 2018

  • WaKK0rWaKK0r318,161
    Posted on 04 October 18 at 20:31
    Finally Hyper Light Drifter on sale, my friend and me waited for that too freaking long. headspin
  • TymanTheLongTymanTheLong476,713
    Posted on 09 October 18 at 01:48, Edited on 09 October 18 at 01:49 by TymanTheLong
    AssassinDK said:
    RadicalSniper99 said:
    A lot of great ID@Xbox titles in there. Open your minds to those because there are some really awesome games in there.
    Couldn't agree more! But I understand that not everyone is grew up with a Commodore 64/NES/SNES/MegaDrive, and people also have different budgets. But there are some seriously good games on sale, and a lot of decent ones. The great thing about indie games is that they can take chances, and be creative, and it gives players a lot of variety as opposed to the often safe approach of AAA.titles (hey look, another Ubisoft open world game with a different skin).

    For those that love the 16-bit era, there are at least 20 games I would recommend in this sale. But if not, then I can understand people are underwhelmed.
    The things is, I DID grow up with those games, from stuff like The Legend of Zelda to deep cuts like Faxanadu or The Legend of Blacksilver. Hell, text based Zork games are still fun for me. However here is the “but...”, I still find those games fun and they’re pretty easy to find and play. I actually don’t get quite why there is so many pixel art games. Yeah, originally some devs saved some cash and cashed in on nostalgia, but many of these games aren’t actually saving much going this route. I wonder who the nostalgia is even for, because it’s not for me and I suspect anyone who got to the end of Ultimata III is going to feel similarly.
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