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F.E.A.R. Achievements Not Unlocking After Multiple Attempts

Posted on 05 October 18 at 23:33, Edited on 06 October 18 at 10:35 by I 1NSANE I
Hello all. As the title indicates, I recently revisited F.E.A.R. for the first time in years, and attempted to get some achievements that I initially missed along the way. I was going for Real Time, Survivalist, and No Juice. Apart from unlocking Environmentalist, I haven't been able to unlock the achievements that I attempted to obtain.

Apart from at least one death in which I quickly dashboarded in order to save my Survivalist attempt, I should have unlocked both Real Time, No Juice, and possibly Survivalist. Again, nothing has popped.

I've cleared the cache on my 360, removed my profile and re-downloaded it to my console to no avail. I'm at a loss. I did read on here that it was reported that going for too many achievements in one run could result in the achievements glitching out. My intial run was to solely get Survivalist. Yet, after a dumb death, I powered off my console instead of dashboarding. I'm unsure if this could have added to the glitch or not.

If anyone can offer insight to this issue, or offer a possible solution, I will be greatly appreciative!

For what it's worth, I don't know if the game difficulty settings make any difference as to an achievement unlocking or not. I've been running through on Low difficulty. I know that for the Feared achievement it specifically states completing every Instant Action map on any difficulty EXCEPT Low, but this is not specified for achievements tied to the story. However, I did unlock Environmentalist on a Low difficulty run, and it unlocked.
Posted on 02 November 18 at 23:45
Achievements are not unlocking for me. The story related ones. Also every time I continue from the main menu it resets my difficulty to low. Makes me not wanna play the game anymore
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